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Aug 16, 2020
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Karlo Gomez

appy Sunday and happy podcast day!!!!

My name is Lahnee Land

On today’s episode I am joined by Editor in Chief, Photographer and Founder of LA based Self Love magazine, @sundaymorningview @karlogomez

Karlo and I get into what its like to be a man in a women’s world – what it meant for him to create a magazine dedicated to self-empowerment for women, and how he came from Politics to Photography to Publishing.⠀

We talk about how SMV is changing the game when it comes to showcasing the natural beauty of women – no makeup, no editing, no filters just real, raw beauty and accentuating that, not covering it up! We get raw about the core values at SMV and how it is all about teaching women to say “I’m beautiful without the makeup, my stretch marks are special and I’m amazing!” Making women look and feel like art!⠀

We dive deep into body image and the body positivity movement and what that means for the women who engage with SMV, how they are shifting the narrative for women to one of acceptance and love. ⠀

We chat sexuality and how showing skin is ok, being you is ok, taking photos for YOU so you learn to see yourself in the most beautiful light possible is OK, appreciating you as you are, is OK. ⠀

Karlo talks about the SMV Friday dance videos! What are they, and how they have become a viral hit? And he shares where the unique name Sunday Morning View came from? Hint, it’s a really cool story.⠀

Finally, Karlo tells us how SMV are actively involved in the BLM Movement and ending racism within the publishing industry. ⠀

Join me in Lahnee Land every Sunday for new episodes, amazing guests & candid conversations about anything and everything from sex to parenthood, body image, health, culture, world issues, well-being and much more. ⠀⠀
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Here is what Karlo had to say in last week's post

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