WEAR the damn SHORTS!

Aug 10, 2020
Written by
Georgina Cox
Photographed by
Georgina Cox

s the weather continues to get warmer, please know you DO NOT need to wait until your body looks a certain way to wear something, you deserve to NOW!

I spent the majority of my teenage and adult life restricting what I would wear.


“When I lose weight I’ll wear this”


“As soon as my arms are thinner I’ll wear this”


“When I get rid of my cellulite I’ll wear this”


“As soon as my legs are toned I’ll wear this”


For me this went on for years. I genuinely thought I could only wear certain things when my body looked like this “perfect” image in my head. Even after losing 100lbs I still didn’t feel like I could wear these things.

It took time for me to realise that the only thing dictating what I was “allowed” to wear was the confidence I was lacking within MYSELF. Thats what needed to change, not my body.

I started to not only want to be confident in myself, for myself, but for the amazing women I knew too. For my friends, my family and specifically, for my little sister!

I NEVER want my little sister to see me hiding parts of my body. I never want her to feel like she cant wear something and I never want her to waste as many years as I have restricting how confident she can feel in her body.

I can’t undo the years of my own self loathing and restriction, but I can do EVERYTHING in my power to ensure she grows up knowing it’s OK to embrace her body, exactly how it is, because she sees ME doing it!

Confidence truly can be contagious. Making steps to accept and embrace yourself can encourage others to do the same!

I know now I will ALWAYS carry more weight on my arms and legs, I will always have stretch marks and I will always have cellulite BUT I will continue to wear whatever makes me FEEL GOOD!

I DESERVE to wear the clothes I want to and so do YOU!

Wear whatever makes YOU feel good, regardless of whether or not you feel like you’re “good enough” yet, because you ALWAYS have been enough.

Wear whatever makes YOU feel confident, regardless of the size, because your body is NOT defined by a number and neither should your confidence.

Wear whatever YOU feel comfortable in, regardless of what anyone else is wearing, because you are dressing YOUR body, for you!

Rock those shorts, that top, that dress and remind yourself as many times as you need to that summer DOES NOT have a size!


Georgina 💛 [ @georginacoxpersonaltraining ]

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