What’s Your Superpower?

Jun 30, 2020
Written by
Tare Iyamu
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onder Woman is stronger than any man alive, is able to read people’s feelings, among other peculiar things. Freak alert, right? Supergirl has superhuman strength and these two aren’t even from earth. Literally aliens!

Storm (my girl!) is able to manipulate and control the weather. I don’t have to mention Captain Marvel, Black Widow, and all the other superheroines we constantly mention. They’re all weird in their own rights.

But you see, no one calls them that: Freak, Weirdo. No! Why? Because these individuals recognized, understood and embraced what makes them different from the rest of humanity and they decided to use these gifts judiciously.

Granted, these are fictional characters. I could still give you examples of women, black women, who didn’t let that fact handicap them. Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, Oprah Winfrey, Viola Davis, Winnie Harlow, etc. They overcame naysayers and various regulations against them to become the influential women they are today.

Moreover, you already have one superpower. Being a woman. This goes without saying because you were created to fill a void that no one else can fill. Your body is a wonder that is difficult to imitate. You are filled with abilities that transcend skin color, health condition, body weight, ethnicity, height, social expectations, etc.

Who are they to judge what is socially acceptable or not? Maybe they’re the ones who are different from you. Darling, embrace your uniqueness, embrace your ‘weird’, make it your superpower!

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