Why You’re a Queen, it’s time you own up to it

Jul 17, 2020
Written by
Natalie Howard
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hat makes a true Queen is often overlooked and wrongfully defined. In the case of a sovereign, a queen is the female ruler of an independent nation, usually by marriage to a king. Yet in the case of a woman, a queen can represent an insecure girl with a superiority complex. In chess, the queen is the most valuable piece a player can use. For honey bees, the queen is the mother of the whole colony.

Many definitions to describe one divine thing: a woman in power. As women, it is often hard to see ourselves as queens because we do not feel we give the name its justice. There are moments where we don’t feel powerful. There are moments where the opinions of our male counterparts are heard over our own. We are programmed to be seen and not heard.

To believe that being perceived as soft is better than being perceived as strong, as if both don’t go hand in hand. Women forget that we are the bridge between heaven and earth. Some of us bring children earthside while others build kingdoms from mere hopes and dreams. It is essential to know that the actions of a queen begin with the mindset of one.

Whether you define yourself as a drama queen, a beauty queen, or a queen bee, it is your prerogative to be the fiercest version of yourself possible. As queens, we do not not wait for kings to give us our crowns. We make them ourselves. 

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