Your partner does NOT see your insecurities!

Aug 17, 2020
Written by
Georgina Cox
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Georgina Cox

ake a moment to think about a time you’ve embraced your partner.

Did you think about their stomach?

Did you think about their “rolls”?

Did you think negatively about their body in anyway?

That’s EXACTLY how they think about your body.

They don’t have the same negative thoughts you have towards parts of your body. They genuinely love every single little inch of you and really wish you would too!

In the early days of our relationship, I would NEVER let my husband touch my stomach. When he tried to, I would quickly hold his hand instead or instinctively move it away.

Our insecurities can seem so DEAFENING to us. We assume the people in our lives hear the same critical voice we do. It can be so hard to comprehend that someone who sees us in our most intimate moments, does not see the same supposed ‘flaws’ that we see.

Over the years my husband has revealed his own struggles with his body, struggles that have NEVER been apparent to me. When I look at him I only see the man I love, I see someone who makes me feel so eternally worthy and I see someone I can’t imagine a single second without.

It’s taken time, but now I realise he LOVES my stomach. Not just my stomach, he truly loves every part of me and has never fully understood why I thought for a single second that he wouldn’t.

Only WE see our insecurities so it's up to us, ultimately, to not let them control us. It kills me to think of those tender moment's I missed out on because of something that only existed in my mind!

It takes time and patience to realise that these ‘imperfections’ are only in your head. Its important to take steps to accept that your partner views your beautiful body just as you view theirs. With LOVE.

Don’t waste anymore time rejecting the idea that your partner loves you just as you are.

Embrace their adoration for your body and let it feed into that confidence you truly deserve!

And who knows? Eventually you just might start to love it too 💕


Georgina x

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