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Aug 6, 2017
Written by
Rose Fong
Photographed by
Karlo Gomez

n her blog,, Britney talks about the day she walked into Weight Watchers and began her fitness journey. “It was not only a journey of losing weight, I think I found my authentic self. At first, it started as a way to get weight off my body. I wanted to look different. I didn’t like how I looked. I find that every couple of months there’s something I’m trying or evolving or changing to become more myself.”

“When I was losing weight, I was really mean to myself. I used to weigh myself all the time -- three to four times a day.” She would weigh herself before and after meals, and based on the number on the scale, she would mentally bully and punish herself. If she indulged in a treat or if she skipped a workout, she berated herself.

She compared herself to others often. Britney struggled with her weight all her life - she was always the bigger girl in her social groups. She struggled with comparing herself to them. If she went out with her friends, they would order burgers and fries, and she would force herself to eat something healthy.

There were good and bad days, but she hit her goal weight.

Fifteen months after her first Weight Watchers meeting, it wasn’t the celebration she hoped for. She quit meetings, feeling free from the compulsion toward her goal weight. For several months, she relaxed her workouts and ate what she wanted. And she started to be kind to herself.

“I couldn’t get back to the mental state, the crazy weight loss state I was in before. When you’re losing a significant amount weight, your headspace is completely different to commit to workouts and eat those meals.” With social media and Instagram as her accountability scale, Britney found balance - she freed herself from counting calories and she records instead her feelings and her personal growth.

“I still weigh myself out of habit, but it has no effect on my mood anymore. What I also do is I sit with my body and I look in the mirror and I compliment myself. I have a way different thought process now. I hated who I was, and that’s not helpful,” Britney recalls. “You should love yourself as you are.”

Britney dived head first into yoga about two years ago, and it became her go-to work-out soon after. “I wanted to move my body every day, but I needed something less intense on my body.” She wanted to move on from high-intensity physical work-outs, and she was surprised to discover a whole lifestyle and perception change in yoga.

“When I first meet someone, I’m really drawn to smiles and lightheartedness in people. I can feel someone’s energy when talking to someone, and I try to be open-minded when I meet people.”

“Positivity and optimism are really beautiful to me. Look inward and find the positive things within you that make you happy.”

To see more of Britney and her journey please follow her @fittybritttty

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