Brooke Lyn - My journey

Sep 16, 2020
Written by
Brooke Lyn
Photographed by
Karlo Gomez

ey hey! I’m Brooke Lyn,

a 22 year old life loving, thrill seeking, spiritually aligning, food munching, world traveling, perfectly imperfect divine feminine being ✨

Some would say; I am a jack of all trades. With a career in the medical field as well as upcoming careers in modeling, photography and music production! I love and represent all things mystical, health, fitness and travel related!

Being a part of SundayMorningView is the upmost honor for the glorious fact that it represents divine feminine beauty in its natural and authentic form. Growing up, I was always self conscious about my “extra weight”. Even though I played sports my whole life, I always had some extra chunk. By the time I was 20-22 I had obtained the leanest body I’ve ever imagined, only to be met with border line body dysmorphia. Looking in the mirror, I was never truly satisfied nor impressed. To some dismay, quarantine hit and the gyms closed. Naturally, I put on weight. But who would’ve guessed that the extra weight I put on; I’d actually fall in love with! I made it a point to love my body in ALL of its forms. And now, I look in the mirror embracing every inch! Not to mention, working with SundayMorningView AMPLIFIED that feeling! No one (not even my self) can tell me that what I’m working with isn’t beautiful, sexy and powerful! And by me, I mean YOU too! Our body is our sacred temple and should always be honored as such! So next time you look in that mirror, SMILE goddess!! You are a walking throne ✨And no matter what, may love forever pour into you!

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