Introducing "My Body" Campaign

Sep 5, 2023
Written by
Karlo Gomez
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ntroducing “My Body”

A compelling campaign amplifying the essence of womanhood through authenticity. It invites women to submit photos, a testament to self-love and empowerment, forming a gallery of diverse shapes and beauty. Let us admire fellow women, where each woman's success becomes a shared triumph.

"where every photograph submitted is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of self-love."

Let us collectively share our images, as we empower one another to bask in the radiance of our own unique beauty.

Hi my Name is Angela Gienel S.C Ninon - @itsangelagienel
"My body is 'BEAUTIFUL.' I chose this word because, even though I have imperfections and flaws, day by day, I am trying to be confident and show the love my body deserves."

Hi my Name is Nina - @lil.faerie
"My body is 'WORTHY.' I chose this word because it has remained strong and given me a home throughout all the phases of my life, and it has loved me even when I didn't love it."

Hi My name Reyin Jasmine - @reyinjasmine
"My body is 'RIVETING.' I chose this word because I believe it's the most fascinating thing in the world when I look in the mirror."

Hi my name is Milly - @millysspace
"My body is 'RESILIENT.' I chose this word because I have been through a lot of ups and downs with my body, but it's ability to adapt, overcome, and improve is beyond amazing."

Hi my name is Megan Frances - @meganb_frances  
"My body is 'MAGIC.' I have chosen this word because magic is something unique and beautiful to see."

Hi my name Mikayla - @mikaylarob

"My body is ‘EVOLUTIONARY.’ I chose this word because my body has changed over time, reflecting my life’s experiences. As a former D1 gymnast, I was once muscular but now embrace my new body. While I sometimes miss my old physique, I accept this evolution as a mark of my life’s progression."

Hi, My name Paloma Couto - @thepalomacouto

"My body is 'RARE.' I chose this word because, while embracing my unique self, I've learned to love my ever-changing body with its 'beauty marks' like scars and moles. Proud of who I'm becoming, I cherish all my imperfections—past, present, and future."

Hi my name Carol Pimenta - @acarol.pimenta

"My body is 'FREE.' I chose this word because, despite struggling with eating disorders since age 12 and facing stress about my body image after moving to the US from Brazil, I've come to love and accept myself. It's been liberating."

Hi my name is Brooke Mallon - @brookemallonofficial

"My body is 'LIFE.' I chose this word because my body and mind are intertwined in how I experience the gift of being alive."

Hi my name Chantelle Tota - @chantelletota

"My body is 'LOVED.' I chose that word because I am grateful for what my body allows me to do. It lets me do everything I love. It lets me exercise, it lets me dance and lets me do things with my friends and family. It has taken me many years of struggle with my body and fighting against it, but I've learned to love everything about it. I embrace my cellulite, my stretch marks and all of its shape and curves. It's what makes me unique and makes my body mine."

Hi my name is Emily - @emilisslifts

"My body is 'POWERFUL.' I chose this word because, no matter the appearance, I know my body is capable of so much more, and that is my superpower. Regardless of my appearance, with stretch marks, curves, muscle, and all - my body is powerful and beautiful in every way. Feel free to choose any photos."
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