Introducing "My Body" Campaign

Sep 5, 2023
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Karlo Gomez
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ntroducing “My Body”

A compelling campaign amplifying the essence of womanhood through authenticity. It invites women to submit photos, a testament to self-love and empowerment, forming a gallery of diverse shapes and beauty. Let us admire fellow women, where each woman's success becomes a shared triumph.

"where every photograph submitted is a brushstroke in the masterpiece of self-love."

Let us collectively share our images, as we empower one another to bask in the radiance of our own unique beauty.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the sensational Angela Gienel S.C Ninon, or as her Instagram handle lovingly calls her, @itsangelagienel. Angela's journey to self-love is a true masterpiece, a symphony of embracing imperfections and nurturing a positive self-image in a world that often serves up unrealistic beauty standards. Angela fearlessly declares, "My body is 'BEAUTIFUL,' and let's be real, she's absolutely right!

"My body is 'BEAUTIFUL.' I chose this word because, even though I have imperfections and flaws, day by day, I am trying to be confident and show the love my body deserves."

Angela's not just about singing, she's also a dance floor aficionado who can groove like nobody's watching. At 25, she's Melbourne's very own self-confidence guru. Her motto?

"Self-confidence is the best outfit, so ROCK IT and OWN IT."

So here's to Angela, her beautiful journey, and her infectious self-confidence. Melbourne, you've got yourself a shining star in your midst!

Everyone, say hello to the enchanting Nina, also known as @lil.faerie on Instagram. Nina's journey to self-acceptance is a tale as old as time, and it revolves around one powerful word: "WORTHY." With a heart full of strength and a spirit that's unstoppable, Nina's body has been her steadfast companion, offering her a loving home through every twist and turn of life's wild journey.

"My body is 'WORTHY.' I chose this word because it has remained strong and given me a home throughout all the phases of my life, and it has loved me even when I didn't love it."

In Nina's own graceful words, "My body is 'WORTHY,' " and boy, does she embody that truth. It's a body that's weathered every storm, embraced every change, and loved her unconditionally even when she didn't return the favor. Now, that's what we call a magical bond!

When Nina's not weaving tales of self-acceptance, you'll find her lost in the world of music, surrounded by her feline companions, and basking in the beauty of Mother Nature herself. Oh, and let's not forget, she's the proud owner of her very own constellation of stretch marks,

which she embraces like the celestial wonders they are.

So, here's to Nina, her unwavering worthiness, and her mystical journey through self-love and acceptance. Mother Nature herself would applaud!

Introducing the captivating Reyin Jasmine, a true marvel on Instagram under the moniker @reyinjasmine. Reyin's journey to self-empowerment is a mesmerizing odyssey, and it's all wrapped up in the enchanting word "RIVETING." She doesn't just love her reflection; she finds it utterly fascinating, and who can blame her? in her own words,

"My body is 'RIVETING.' I chose this word because I believe it's the most fascinating thing in the world when I look in the mirror."

But that's not all. Reyin is the queen of embracing her stretch marks and channeling her inner goddess.

She knows that being skinny, having a flat tummy, or sporting a small waist with a big booty—well, those are not for everyone. She's got a powerful message:

"You are the only you in this universe, so embrace it before time runs out."

Reyin adores her curves and proudly owns her bootylicious presence.

She's here to remind us all that self-love is the name of the game, and it starts with one simple act:

"I love you. Now love yourself."

So, here's to Reyin Jasmine, her riveting journey, and the curve-loving, booty-celebrating, mirror-fascinating wonder that she is!

It's time to meet the unstoppable Milly, better known as @millysspace on Instagram. Milly's remarkable journey to self-acceptance revolves around one mighty word: "RESILIENT." Her body has been through the wringer, weathering storms, facing ups and downs, and yet, it remains an unwavering source of strength. In her own words,

"My body is 'RESILIENT.' I chose this word because I have been through a lot of ups and downs with my body, but its ability to adapt, overcome, and improve is beyond amazing."

But there's more to Milly than meets the eye. She's a lover of hard work and upper body training, with her biggest goal being a glute transformation that'll leave jaws on the gym floor.

Reflecting on her ten-year gym journey, Milly shares a story that's both relatable and inspiring. She initially joined the gym to shed pounds, but over time, her goals shifted dramatically. She battled body image issues, fell victim to fad diets, grappled with eating disorders, and struggled to find her place in a world that often had unrealistic beauty standards.

However, everything changed when she found her community, who accepted and cherished her in all her skin types - from thicc to lean and everything in between. Milly found her community, a place where strength and growth were celebrated, not shunned. She embraced lifting weights at a young age, and the gym became more than just a workout space; it became her sanctuary.

Now, Milly is all about breaking stereotypes and celebrating the power of muscle. She's thrilled that "muscle mommy" is a thing, and she's eager to train alongside more like-minded individuals. And, in a heartwarming twist, she's grown to love her body and those "manly rugby player legs" that once troubled her.

Milly's story is a testament to resilience, self-love, and the power of community. Here's to Milly, her incredible journey, and the amazing friends she's made along the way!

Allow us to introduce you to the enchanting Megan Frances, whose Instagram handle, @meganb_frances, gives a glimpse of the spellbinding journey she's embarked on towards self-love and acceptance. Megan's choice of word to encapsulate her path is simply "MAGIC." As she eloquently puts it,

"My body is 'MAGIC.' I have chosen this word because magic is something unique and beautiful to see."

But Megan's wisdom extends beyond her captivating wordplay. In her own gentle way, she reminds us all of the profound truths we often forget. Your body is yours and yours alone, and no one else's opinion on it will ever hold any weight. There's no need to change your body for anyone else's sake, for you deserve to feel confident just as you are. Your body deserves movement, not to conform to unrealistic standards, but to celebrate its capabilities.

And let's talk about cellulite, shall we?

Megan's got the memo: cellulite is entirely normal. No need to fuss over it, invest in creams promising miracles, or let beauty standards dictate your worth. Cellulite, like the rest of you, is human, and your body, cellulite and all, is nothing short of glorious.

So there you have it, folks, a dose of Megan's magic and wisdom to remind us all that our bodies are unique, beautiful, and deserving of love, cellulite and everything else included.

Meet the ever-evolving Mikayla, whose Instagram handle, @mikaylarob, gives us a peek into her remarkable journey of self-acceptance, an odyssey perfectly summarized by the word "EVOLUTIONARY." Mikayla's body is a testament to the transformational power of life's experiences, mirroring her adventurous journey.

"My body is 'EVOLUTIONARY.' I chose this word because my body has changed over time, reflecting my life's experiences. As a former D1 gymnast, I was once muscular but now embrace my new body. While I sometimes miss my old physique, I accept this evolution as a mark of my life's progression."

With candor and grace, she shares her perspective: "My body is 'EVOLUTIONARY,' evolving over time to reflect the various chapters of my life. Once a muscular D1 gymnast, I now embrace my new body. Though I occasionally reminisce about my old physique, I wholeheartedly accept this evolution as a testament to my life's progression."

But there's more to Mikayla than meets the eye. Her love for hair, fashion, fitness, and the dazzling outfits she rocks is evident in every post. She's not just embracing her own evolution; she's living it, celebrating it, and inspiring us all to do the same. And let's not forget her embrace of her stretch marks,

those beautiful imprints of her journey—proof that every twist and turn has contributed to the masterpiece she is today. So here's to Mikayla, an embodiment of the ever-changing, ever-evolving beauty of life.

Let us introduce you to the one and only Paloma Couto, better known as @thepalomacouto on Instagram, whose extraordinary journey of self-discovery and self-love is perfectly encapsulated by the word "RARE." Paloma has discovered the art of cherishing her ever-changing body, with all its unique 'beauty marks,' from scars to moles, and she proudly declares,

"My body is 'RARE.' I chose this word because, while embracing my unique self, I've learned to love my ever-changing body with its 'beauty marks' like scars and moles. Proud of who I'm becoming, I cherish all my imperfections—past, present, and future."

But Paloma is more than just her self-love journey. She's an accomplished actress and model, and her passion for fashion and travel shines through every post. She reminds us that it's our quirks and idiosyncrasies that make us truly remarkable, and she's leading the charge in embracing the 'imperfections' that make each of us unique.

So, here's to Paloma Couto, a shining example of how life's 'beauty marks' are the very things that make us rare and irreplaceable.

Meet Carol Pimenta, whose Instagram handle @acarol.pimenta reflects her incredible journey to self-acceptance, captured beautifully by the word "FREE." Carol's path has been marked by the challenging battle with eating disorders since the tender age of 12 and the added stress of navigating body image issues after relocating from Brazil to the US. Yet, she boldly states,

"My body is 'FREE.' I chose this word because, despite struggling with eating disorders since age 12 and facing stress about my body image after moving to the US from Brazil, I've come to love and accept myself. It's been liberating."

Carol's word shows us the power of resilience and self-love. She reminds us that even in the face of adversity, freedom can be found through embracing one's true self.

In a world that often magnifies our vulnerabilities, Carol's perspective is a refreshing reminder that we can break free from the constraints of self-doubt. She encourages us all to cherish our bodies, understanding that they carry the story of our battles and triumphs.

Meet Brooke Mallon, whose Instagram handle @brookemallonofficial signifies her incredible journey of self-discovery, encapsulated by the word "LIFE." For Brooke, her body and mind are intricately woven together, shaping her perception of the precious gift of existence. She eloquently shares,

"My body is 'LIFE.' I chose this word because my body and mind are intertwined in how I experience the gift of being alive."

Brooke's word is a profound reminder of the interconnectedness of our physical and mental selves. Let us not forgot that the essence of life is celebrated in all its unique beauty. Brooke's word encourages us to honor the body-mind relationship, recognizing that it plays a vital role in how we experience the world.

In the world of endless standards and expectations, Chantelle Tota, known as @chantelletota, reminds us of the transformative power of self-love, beautifully encapsulated by the word "LOVED." Chantelle's story is one of gratitude for the remarkable capabilities of her body. She expresses,

"My body is 'LOVED.' I chose that word because I am grateful for what my body allows me to do. It lets me do everything I love. It lets me exercise, it lets me dance, and lets me do things with my friends and family."

Chantelle's journey has not been without its struggles. She openly shares her battle with body image and the years spent fighting against her own body. However, she has emerged triumphant, learning to embrace every aspect of herself. She proudly declares her love for her cellulite, her stretch marks, and all the unique contours that make her body uniquely hers.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, Chantelle's words serve as a gentle reminder to pause and reflect on our own journeys. As she shares her post-Bali experiences, she urges us to release the burden of overwhelming ourselves with unrealistic expectations. There's no need to rush; there's no set time frame for success. Sometimes, the most significant progress is achieved by focusing on one thing at a time while the rest patiently awaits its turn.

Chantelle Tota's word inspires us to celebrate our bodies, embrace our individuality, and practice self-love. It's a beautiful reminder that our unique shapes, curves, and experiences are what make us truly special. In a world that often pushes us to look ahead, her message encourages us to cherish the present and reflect on how far we've come on our own remarkable journeys.

In the world of fitness, meet Emily, aka @emilisslifts, whose body radiates the word "POWERFUL." Emily's journey is a delightful reminder that our bodies are so much more than just appearances—they're vessels of incredible potential. She confidently declares,

"My body is 'POWERFUL.' I chose this word because, no matter the appearance, I know my body is capable of so much more, and that is my superpower. Regardless of my appearance, with stretch marks, curves, muscle, and all - my body is powerful and beautiful in every way."

But let's talk about investments, folks. Emily knows the best investment you can make is in yourself. And no, she's not claiming to be the fittest, strongest, or skinniest in the room, but she's the best version of herself to date.

Before her fitness journey, Emily had a tumultuous relationship with emotional eating, binging, over and undertraining, consuming more alcohol than water (probably), and feeling insecure in both her physical and emotional appearance. She describes feeling trapped in an unhealthy cycle, unsure of how to break free.

Flash forward to six months ago when Emily had another bout of struggle (sorry, Sam). She decided to take her bulking phase as an opportunity to indulge in all her cravings—no rules, just indulgence. And boy, did it show. She even had to deal with some rough periods (literally).

Emily's story is one of relentless determination, both internally and externally. Her journey wasn't just about physical transformation; it was about rewiring her mental landscape. And guess what? She's had almost pain-free periods since March, with no need to overdose on pain meds. It's a powerful reminder that change starts from within, and investing in your well-being is the best kind of investment.

So here's to Emily—embracing her power, loving herself, and showing up for herself one percent more every single day. Cheers to the journey of being powerfully happy! ‍

Introducing the unstoppable Courtney Burkette, known as @fba_240_. Courtney proudly labels her body as "STRONG," and boy, does she have the receipts to prove it!


Yep, you read that right. Courtney is a survivor of not one but two epic pregnancy sagas.

But that's not all—Courtney's got two kids, and she's got a love for working out that could rival a professional athlete's dedication. She's been hitting those workouts like a champ, and the progress she's made these past months is enough to make anyone do a happy dance (or maybe just another set of squats, you know, whatever floats your boat).

So, in a world where some folks might have second thoughts about getting pregnant again after surviving two "absolutely miserable" pregnancies, Courtney? She's out there crushing it in the gym and reminding us all that the journey from misery to muscles can be the most empowering thing ever. Cheers to Courtney, her strong body, and her ever-evolving love for workouts! ‍

Enter the indomitable Mary, better known as @fitnesswithkma, whose body is aptly described as "CAPABLE." Why, you ask? Because it's a daily source of joy, a powerhouse at the gym, and the vessel that allows her to engage in all the things she loves. Even on those days when exhaustion threatens to take over, Mary's body perseveres and stands as a loyal protector.

"My body is 'CAPABLE.' I chose this word because it gives me daily moments of joy, powers me at the gym, and lets me engage in what I love. Even when tired, it perseveres and protects me."

Much like life's rollercoaster, Mary's fitness journey has seen its share of ups and downs. She's proud of her progress and doesn't mind sharing it, but she's quick to remind us all that her transformation didn't just happen overnight. In fact, there were moments when folks wished her well on her deathbed while she was grappling with sickness and uncertainty. But guess what? She not only survived but also grew bigger and better, and that's a testament to her unwavering resilience.

Mary's story serves as a reminder that everyone has a unique journey. It won't always be a smooth ride, but it's always worth it. Your future self will thank you for holding on and pushing further, just as Mary does.

She's followed her three pillars consistently—consistency, balance, and discipline. These pillars, she believes, look different for everyone, but having core values is vital. As she wisely puts it, "If you stand for nothing, you'll fall for everything." Finding your path, one that keeps you grounded and aligned with your goals, is the key to success.

In just under a year, Mary has undergone a transformation that even she finds hard to recognize in the mirror. Her journey is a testament to the power of consistency, discipline, and balance. Period. So, here's to Mary, her capable body, and her unwavering commitment to personal growth. Cheers to the journey, Mary! ‍

Say hello to the unstoppable Autumn, aka @itsautumndafuq, whose body proudly wears the label "RESILIENT." Why, you ask? Because it's done it all! From carrying babies to birthing them, feeding them, and enduring the highs and lows of life, Autumn's body has truly been through it. But guess what? It's fought back. It's healed. It's recovered. It's carried her through those moments when her brain just wanted to take a nap. Her body? It just keeps on going because she is RESILIENT.


And speaking of workouts, Autumn is a workout warrior! She doesn't shy away from embracing her stretch marks and natural curves because she's all about that "slim thick" vibe. Her gym sessions are a mix of sweat, determination, and the occasional mental pep talk to those stretch marks, reminding them who's boss.

Autumn's story is a testament to the power of resilience and self-love. Her journey is a rollercoaster of life's experiences, but her body stands tall, unwavering, and ready for whatever comes next. So here's to Autumn, her resilient body, and her unapologetic embrace of stretch marks and curves—it's a journey worth celebrating!‍

Meet Steff, aka on instagram @totallyfunkless, the wonder woman of all things "RESILIENT." She chose this word because her body has weathered more storms in the past seven years than a lighthouse on a particularly turbulent coastline. Pain, hard situations, you name it—her body has been there through thick and thin, staying strong and steady through it all.

"My body is 'RESILIENT.' I chose this word because my body has been through a lot the past 7 years. I've been through a lot of pain and hard situations. My body has been there and stayed strong during all of it."

But that's not all there is to Steff. She hails from the great white North, Toronto, Canada, and she's not just a run-of-the-mill content creator. Nope, Steff is an advocate extraordinaire, fighting the good fight for disabilities and chronic illnesses. She knows the ropes, having been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2022, after years of suspecting it. Now she's all about learning how to manage it day-to-day while keeping her spirits high.

When she's not busy conquering the digital realm, Steff loves soaking in the great outdoors. Whether it's biking, walking, lounging outside with her cat (who's probably plotting world domination), or hitting the lake for some aquatic adventures, Steff knows how to make the most of her surroundings.

Oh, and did we mention her soft spot for video games and reality TV? It's safe to say she's got the best of both worlds. She even takes some time to dive into the depths of mental health, unraveling the intricate relationship between chronic illness and our mental well-being.

But wait, there's more! Steff has a message to share with the world—stretch marks and cellulite? Totally normal! So normal, in fact, that she's out here boldly flaunting them to prove a point.

Even influencers have these things, folks!

"These marks are badges of honor, proof that we've lived a life worth remembering."

And as for back and tummy rolls? Well, they're just a part of the glorious human experience, so go easy on yourself.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Jackie Huynh, also known as @jaywin__, the reigning champion of all things "COMFORTABLE." Jackie's choice of word stems from a long and winding journey, one that has finally led her to feel right at home in her body. It's all about celebrating what her body does, not just how it looks, and boy, does she do it with style!

"My body is 'COMFORTABLE.' I chose this word because it's taken me a long time to feel at home with my body and celebrate it for what it does, not just for how it looks."

But let's talk about life, shall we? Jackie's life is an absolute whirlwind of awesome. She gets to do what she loves and meet people who she ends up loving right back. You could call her a lil' lover girl of sorts, spreading good vibes and affection wherever she goes.

And here's your annual reminder that you can conquer the world in a year. 2022? Oh, it felt like a marathon, a rollercoaster of really tough days and the kind of blessings that make you want to break out into a happy dance. Jackie? She managed to house 16 families during a housing crisis and somehow squeezed in a whopping 28 photoshoots.

Some days felt like surviving on coffee and pure determination, but you know what? She freaking DID IT.

Fast forward to 2023, and Jackie's taking on new adventures! She's chasing her dreams of working with expecting parents and parents of wee-lil babies. Her doula dreams, which began in the sunny vibes of Los Angeles back in 2018, are coming closer to reality. And as if that's not enough, she's also manifesting shoots with a curly hair and skin brand. Talk about goals!

But here's the mic-drop moment: Jackie's ongoing goal for 2023 and beyond is to extend the same kindness she showers on others to herself. Now, that's a TED Talk we'd all love to hear!

Lastly, Jackie absolutely loves getting older. It's like she's slowly catching up to the woman she's always believed she could be. So, here's to Jackie, her comfort, her dreams, and the art of getting older gracefully and fabulously!

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourselves for Jennifer Porrate, aka @jennyporrata, the woman whose body is nothing short of "STRONG." At the ripe age of 44, Jennifer is the poster child for embracing imperfections, cherishing adventures, and valuing inner beauty. From scoliosis to a stellar career in modeling and acting, she's here to remind you that you're beautiful just the way you are.

"My body is 'STRONG.' I chose this word because at 44, I embrace imperfections, cherish adventures, and value inner beauty. From scoliosis to success in modeling and acting, remember you're beautiful as you are."

But Jennifer isn't your average Joe (or should we say, Jane). Nope, she's a true aquatic aficionado who loves to swim and snowboard. She's not just an actress; she's a lifestyle model, an athlete, and an advocate. Oh, and did we mention that she held the prestigious title of Mrs. NJ America in 2014? Clearly, she's got a trophy case full of achievements, and it's not just for show.

Now, here's a little secret about Jennifer—everything she's accomplished in life boils down to one thing: it's in her blood. She was practically born with an extra dose of faith, drive, determination, and discipline. It's like her DNA is programmed for success, and she's living proof that genes can be oh-so-cool.

But wait, there's more! Jennifer isn't just a landlubber; she's also a sea warrior. She's been surfing since she was 16, and even though the last 10 years threw some major fears her way, she didn't back down. Nope, she tackled those fears head-on and got back into the deep ocean. It's a full-circle moment that reminds us all that sometimes, you've got to confront your fears to rediscover the incredible person you truly are.

So here's to Jennifer, the fearless mermaid who conquers both waves and inner doubts. Her story is a testament to the strength of the human spirit, the beauty of embracing imperfections, and the thrill of chasing your passions. Surf's up, folks!‍

Meet the amazing woman known as Katie Watts, or as she's affectionately known on Instagram, @katiesfitness19. Katie boldly declares her body as "POWERFUL," and you better believe it. Her choice of word stems from the incredible journey her body has been on, proving that when life throws curveballs, your body can still hit them out of the park.

"My body is 'POWERFUL.' I chose to describe my body as powerful because it's been through so much, and it's amazing what your body can do."

Now, let's debunk a common misconception, shall we? Some folks think that gym enthusiasts like Katie are all about being self-centered and superficial. But here's the truth bomb: the gym isn't just a place to flex muscles; it's where you can work on flexing your mental strength too. It's an escape, a sanctuary for sanity, and a place to transform not only physically but also mentally. So, haters, take note—it's not vanity; it's sanity.

And here's a nugget of wisdom from Katie herself:

"Keep your spirit light, your booty tight & your goals in sight."

It's a mantra that encapsulates her journey perfectly. No more staring at the mirror, searching for flaws or comparing yourself to others and contemplating what more you can change about yourself. It's time to recognize how far you've already come and appreciate yourself for being a true inspiration.

Katie Watts isn't just powerful in the gym; she's powerful in reshaping the way we think about fitness and self-love. She's living proof that your body can be your greatest ally, and the gym is more than just a place for pumping iron—it's where you pump up your self-confidence and mental resilience. So, here's to Katie, her powerful journey, and the eternal quest for a booty that's as tight as her spirit!‍

Ladies and gents, prepare to meet the one and only Maria, aka @mariia_.alvess, the self-proclaimed queen of "PERFECT." But wait, before you raise an eyebrow, Maria isn't just talking about textbook perfection; she's talking about the kind of perfection that comes from loving your body, flaws and all. It's the kind of perfection that makes you say, "Yep, my body is mine, and I accept it just as it is, and guess what? It's beautiful in its own way!"

"My body is 'PERFECT.' I chose this word because despite my flaws and imperfections, it is mine, and I accept it as it is! It's beautiful in its own way."

When she's not busy celebrating her body's unique brand of perfection, Maria is jet-setting across the globe with a passion for travel that's as boundless as her self-love. She's a fashion enthusiast with a wardrobe that's probably bigger than your favorite boutique.

But here's the kicker—Maria isn't afraid to show off her stripes, and by stripes, we mean stretch marks. She embraces them like battle scars, a testament to a life well-lived and a body well-loved.

So, the next time you're doubting your own brand of perfection, remember Maria and her unwavering acceptance of her beautifully imperfect body. She's a living reminder that perfection isn't about meeting some arbitrary standard; it's about embracing your uniqueness and loving every bit of it. Here's to Maria, her perfect body, her passport full of stamps, and her fabulous fashion sense!

Introducing Patricia Gomez, known as @modelpatty, on instagram. The reigning champion of "PERFECT," and boy, does she mean it! Her choice of word isn't just about looks; it's about the incredible journey her body has been on. It's a body that's seen it all, provided for her every desire, and always shows up when she asks. The more she takes care of it, the better life gets, and it's her constant reminder of strength and resilience.

"My body is 'PERFECT.' I chose this word because it's gotten me through so much, and it continues to provide for me in every desire I ask of it. It always shows up for me. The more I take care of it, the better life gets. It constantly teaches me the true meaning of strength and resilience."

Now, let's talk about life and opportunities, shall we? Patricia has a mantra:

"There's nothing stopping you now! Be the one who decided to go for it."

She's all about seizing opportunities, conquering challenges, and chasing dreams with the tenacity of a bulldog with a bone. She's not just a passive spectator in her own story; she's the star, director, and producer all rolled into one.

But how did this incredible journey begin, you ask? Well, Patricia's modeling and content creation journey started when she was just 19, back in her college days. It all kicked off when she lost a significant amount of weight and started hitting the gym. Her perspective shifted, and she found herself drawn to the world of modeling. It all began with a yacht photoshoot, an unpaid gig that turned into pure fun and ignited her passion for the creative industry. From that point on, there was no turning back, and her career has been soaring ever since.

When she's not slaying it as a model, Patricia is all about fashion, wellness, and lifestyle inspiration. She's not just a pretty face; she's a powerhouse of knowledge and resources, using her platform to provide her audience with valuable insights and support.

But hold onto your hats, because Patricia Gomez is about to take a leap of faith, focusing on her content creation and future projects full-time. Her experience in the creator economy, digital marketing, and business management has motivated her to create a community of women who share opportunities and advice while fostering meaningful relationships.

So, here's to Patricia, her "perfect" journey, and her relentless pursuit of all things fabulous and fierce!

Say hello to the fabulous Meg Hart, also known as @musclebymeg, the reigning queen of body positivity and self-love. Meg proudly declares her body as "MY HOME," and she's not just talking about her residence; she's talking about the one and only vessel she's got in this world. From the moment she made her grand entrance into this world, to whenever her final curtain call arrives, this body is her constant companion, and there are no trade-ins or take-backs.

"My body is 'MY HOME.' I chose this word because It's the only one I get, from the time I enter this world to whenever it is that I leave. There's no take backs, or trade ins. I don't get to beat it up, take it for a test run, and decide one day that I want a new one to start fresh. This is it, the one and only - and it deserves all of the love I know how to give for carrying me to this point."

Now, here's the epiphany that kick-started her epic journey of self-love: realizing that her body is her one and only home. She considers herself blessed to have been given this vessel, and she's not about to take it for granted. To hate on a perfectly healthy, fully functioning, abled body would be, in her own words, downright selfish. She's found something that tastes better than skinny—strength.

So, Meg dishes out some sage advice: love your body, nourish it with the foods it craves for health, and give it the movement it's craving, even when your mind might be playing hooky. This is it, baby, your one and only home.

But what does Meg love about her body that she once thought she should hate? Well, here's the scoop:

1. Stretch marks—she's got 'em everywhere, and she's damn proud of them. They're like nature's tattoos, reminding her of how resilient her body is and how quickly it can adapt during transitions. Meg figures she could learn a thing or two from her body's adaptability.

2. Hip dips—Meg didn't have them before, and when they started forming, she briefly panicked. But now, she's all about celebrating them. Those hip dips mean her workout game is on point, shaping her glutes into butterflies. Who knew working out could be so butterfly-tastic?

3. Her arms—Meg used to dislike them, but now she's grateful for their strength. They've carried her through life, and they've become a symbol of her journey to balance and muscle gain.

So, here's to Meg, her unique home, and her unwavering commitment to self-love. Her journey reminds us all that our bodies are worth celebrating, stretch marks and all!

Meet the dynamo known as Aislinn Evans, or as she's affectionately known on Instagram, @smilin_aislinn. Aislinn proudly declares her body as "CAPABLE," and boy, does she mean it! But hold onto your hats because this isn't just about looks; it's about appreciating your body for all it can do—dance, run, hug, communicate, and, of course, take up space. Aislinn is all about valuing the capabilities, not just the looks.

"My body is 'CAPABLE.' "I chose this word because Instead of focusing on appearance, appreciate your body for what it allows you to do - to dance, run, hug, communicate, and take up space. Value its capabilities, not just its looks."

Now, let's dive into the Aislinn universe. Ever wondered what rhymes with "smilin"? It's Aislinn, and she's not just smilin'; she's shining as an Actress, Model, and Dancer. Oh, and did we mention she loves fashion? Her fashion sense could light up a runway.

But here's the kicker—Aislinn isn't just about looking fabulous; she's all about doing things for herself, like getting dressed up and dancing around her apartment purely for her own enjoyment. She's a true believer in the power of movement and self-expression.

As Aislinn wisely puts it,

"The human body holds incredible potential for movement, for meaning, for controversy, even for creating life. One person can look at a body and see beauty, another sees their own insecurities, another sees lust, and yet another sees a political statement. The human body is power; you just need to understand how to harness this power."

So, here's to Aislinn, her boundless capabilities, and her zest for dancing through life with a smile as her guiding star!

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