An introspective look with Britney Lee Speckert

Apr 5, 2020
Written by
Karlo Gomez
Photographed by
Karlo Gomez
"It’s important to feel sexy in your own body, because that’s your power."
Photo By: Karlo Gomez
SundayGirl of the week Britney Lee Speckert didn't quite grow up the way most believe she did. Let's dive deeper into who Britney is and what she experienced growing up.

Sunday: Hi Britney, you're a unique blend of beauty, what’s your ethnicity?

Britney: I am caucasian, but 50% Swiss and part British Canadian. I'm excited, because I have family over In Switzerland that I'll be visiting in the next few months.

Sunday: What a beautiful mix! what’s your age?

Britney: I am twenty years old, but I’ll be twenty one this coming June.

Sunday: So tell us Britney, what do you love most about your body, and why?

Britney: My hips/curves. The way it dips in the sides of my stomach. There was a point where I wanted to be so skinny and straight and thought my shape was so not beautiful and I’m glad I’ve realized it’s just as beautiful as every other body type.

Photo By: Karlo Gomez

Sunday: Love that! was your experience shooting with Karlo with no makeup?

Britney: Honestly I'm a total bare face baby. I’m always makeup free most of the time, but being able to do a full on professional shoot with such an amazing photographer makeup free, was a freeing experience for sure. Having someone hype you up all natural is a nice experience.

Sunday: Do you typically wear makeup? If so why?

Britney: I don’t normally wear makeup. Only for shoots when asked or when I’m on set and getting it done. I’m very into my skin care and I love to use coconut oil on my eyelashes at night and in the morning to help them stay nice and also as an alternative to mascara.

Photo By: Karlo Gomez

Sunday: How do you keep yourself healthy?

Britney: Working out, I work out Monday - Thursday. Working out is only 20%, 80% is what you eat, so I meal prep and spend a lot of time at the grocery store picking out everything, making sure I’m happy when I open my fridge and not upset. Mental heath is most important of all though.

Sunday: What physical activities make you feel better?

Britney: I’m from Lake Tahoe, Nevada so I’m a huge hiker. I grew up in the mountains hiking, skiing, snowboarding, and swimming. I’m very much into nature and outside activities, so that’s my favorite physical activity. I also love yoga. I went to this yoga festival the last two summers and plan on continuing.

"Feeling sexy, no one can take that feeling from you, because it’s your own!"

Sunday: What do you typically eat to stay healthy?

Britney: I eat lean meats, chicken, turkey and fish. When I’m craving burgers and hot dogs I get vegan. I stay away from dairy and do plant based milks, vegan cheese, mayo, etc. I make veggies and fruits a big thing in most of my meals. I also never deny myself of treats or bad food I want here and there. Life is short, enjoy yourself.

Sunday: What is one major way you’ve struggled to appreciate or love your body?

Britney: I've struggled by comparing myself to others around me. Growing up I was the over weight taller girl. I lived with all boys, so I didn’t try the hardest with my appearance. I mean, I was a little girl, I didn’t think that would dictate who would be my friend or not.

I tried to be involved in the Girl Scouts and things of that sort, but was constantly looked down upon by not only the girls of the group but even the moms. This really made me feel like fucking shit about myself, and I don’t think till this day any of those girls realized how much they bullied me.

Growing up I was always into acting, because modeling was terrifying to me. I saw the girls on tv and I just wasn’t that, I just wasn’t a size 0. I thought the size of your waist was the only way you could be liked and loved in this world. I Compared myself to not only magazines, but to the ideal beauty standards and to my friends, friends. This was my biggest issue throughout elementary and middle school. I experienced a lot in high school, including: rumors going around that I starved myself when I lost weight. It was shocking to know, I had so many people that didn’t want me to lose weight and be happy with myself. 

I’ve been through so much, and now that I’m older I still have a constant battle within me. 

I see myself differently in the mirror now. Even though I receive compliments or see beautiful photographs of myself, I still see the negative parts of myself. I’ll have a freak attack while I’m looking in the mirror about what’s getting bigger and what’s getting smaller.

Sunday: Why do you think women develop negative relationships with their bodies?

Britney: I believe women develop such negative relationships with their bodies because of what’s projected out there. From Facebook to instagram to the news to twitter, everything is always showing a tall skinny woman with perfect hair, beautiful features, and a body like Barbie. Barbie is not realistic. Unfortunately everyone try’s to nip and tuck and do surgery to become someone they're not. Then they promote that as “self love” or “health and beauty,” and it becomes the norm.

When I'm on instagram, it’s very clear the majority of people you’re viewing have facetuned or edited there photographs, yet we are still saying “wow, I wish I had that stomach, wow! I wish I had that hair, I want my cellulite gone,” and the list just goes on.

We believe that we’re not worthy of love or praise if we don’t look the way some of these these super stars that paid hundreds of thousands to look that way or these instagram models that all the men fantasize over, but really that’s all it is, a Fantasy. Real human bodies aren’t perfect, but they are all beautiful, and we all have one to make a home.

"You are your own unique being."
Photo By: Karlo Gomez

Sunday: What are a couple ways you’ve found to overcome negativity in relation to your body?

Britney: When looking at myself in the mirror, I try to not let my brain get side tracked about things I don’t have or wish I had. Instead, I focus on the things I do have. I focus on all the beautiful parts about me which get me into a good mood for the day. I also never let instagram photos of beautiful models or beautiful women on the street lower the way I feel about myself, instead it gives me motivation. I love giving compliments where they are due, by letting them know they are pretty when they walk past me. Odds are honey, they were thinking the exact same thing about you. 

Knowing how far I’ve come, not only in my appearance, but in my mindset reminds me, it can only get better from here. 

Sunday: What’s one thing you wish would change in the world to help present and future generations of women feel more beautiful in their own skin?

Britney: Something I wish would change is just comparison. Everyone needs to focus on themselves and who they are, not who anyone else is. If we all looked the same or did the same things, we would all look the same and that would get boring wouldn’t it?

We need to allow more sizes into the modeling industry and media. This way girls who feel alone have someone they can look up too, someone who is a more accurate representation of them.

Sunday: What words of inspiration can you give to a girl struggling to love her body?

Britney: Don’t be so hard on yourself. You don’t even realize how beautiful you are to the world because you’re too busy nit picking every single thing about yourself. If you compliment yourself every morning and night and look at your body and yourself with love, you will start to feel that way and it will show.

"Most people think posting photos the way I do, or many women do, is for “attention,” but in reality I love seeing myself in a way I never thought I would want to see myself."
Photo By: Karlo Gomez

Sunday: Why is it important to feel sexy?

Britney: I think it’s important to feel sexy in your own body, because that’s your power. No one can take that feeling from you because it’s your own, you are your own unique being.

Sunday: Some people feel taking pictures in underwear is wrong, how does it make you feel when you take photos in a bra and underwear?

Britney: Growing up I hated the way I looked in pictures. I’d always cross my arms over my stomach. That’s something I’ve brought into this stage of my life and catch myself doing here and there. When I take the photos, I feel powerful! - I love myself and my body and I’m learning more everyday what to love about it. Most people think posting photos the way I do, or many women do, is for “attention,” but in reality I love seeing myself in a way I never thought I would want to see myself.

Sunday: How has SMV impacted you?

Britney: SundayMorningView has impacted me in such a good way. This was my first experience ever doing a professional shoot with zero makeup. The smiles and warmth I felt when I saw my images was amazing. They were so beautiful, I almost felt like it wasn’t me. I love that I was able to be part of a perfectly imperfect magazine that shows the beauty and the realness in everything. 

Having the opportunity to tell my story is always a blessing for me. Growing up overweight and getting bullied was a lot and I hope I can be the person some girl, woman or even male can look up to. I try my best to advocate for myself for those issues that matter and to be someone real, someone who really understands and has been through it. Because, I know I wished I had someone to look up to when I was younger, so I can only hope I can do that for someone else. Again, thank you so much for this opportunity SundayMorningView, it was a pleasure being apart of this. 

"I love myself and my body and I’m learning more everyday what to love about it."
Photo By: Karlo Gomez
Thank you Britney, Until Next time!
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