Comecurious Uncensored

Oct 6, 2022
Written by
Photographed by
Karlo Gomez

alm sisters basking in the sun with SMV x Comecurious @comecurious on their very first body honest photoshoot.

Reed from Comecurious says: "from butt hair to boob shape, shaving rash to stretch marks, 0rgasm farts to omg what's that on my vulva ~ oh and that time both our nipples leaked milk!? cool, We've been trying to normalise our bodies since we started talking about sex on our youtube almost 9 years ago. Our podcast F**ks Given still gets so many body related listener questions and we just looooove answering them. We know we have a long way to go helping people to love every inch of their bodies, but we hope our "fck it were human" attitude helps.

Love the magic that is your body and if you ever feel uncomfortable about something it does, laugh, appreciate, ask questions and share so that others may feel less alone."

Models IG: @florencebark x @reedamberx

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