Embracing her inner strength

Mar 5, 2017
Written by
Rose Fong
Photographed by
Karlo Gomez

ada Sezer’s passion has always been to enable and empower. With multiple degrees in Counseling Psychology and Child Psychotherapy, Jada has always felt the intense fire burn inside to help those around her.

Growing up, Jada felt slightly different. Although taller and curvier, Jada quickly decided that she would not allow others to judge her based solely on her physical appearance. “I always wanted to be credible based on my talents and skills, not just the way I looked,” she said.  “I always felt like I had a little more to say.”

At 25, Jada decided she no longer wanted to put a band-aid on the deep wounds of others and therapeutically heal those who were affected by eating disorders and body dysmorphia- she wanted to prevent the wounds in the first place, before they were given the chance to hurt so many. “I wanted to change the reason people were being made to feel so depressed and disempowered.”

Jada swiftly realized that on the forefront of this gruesome war was the fashion industry and the media; if she wanted to conquer it, she had to become part of it. Connecting with photographers and with the help of the internet, Jada’s photos caught the attention of many young men and women, not to mention industry elites. “I don’t want to be a model, I want to be a role model, she said.” Jada quickly became both.

“Whatever you do, be the best version of it,” she says. This is how you plant the seed of empowerment and watch it grow. Jada’s hashtag, #BeHuman is all about being true to yourself; ditching the stigma of anything falling short of today’s beauty standards. “[The hashtag] is about calling it out and owning it,” Jada says. As she embraces her inner strength getting in the front of the camera; vulnerable, flawed and exposed, Jada explains that it helps her while also helping others. Gifted by this platform, presence and voice, Jada vows to use it for good and to never waste it.   

You may not find Jada in a gym, reluctantly exercising to fit someone else’s mold of beautiful, but you may find her outside a yoga studio, sipping on an almond milk hot chocolate with extra chocolate. Jada says yoga helps her stay mind and body positive. According to Jada, for her, it calms the body, releases adrenaline, helps detox and is important to feel in control.  When that doesn’t work and the going gets particularly rough, she reminds herself that, “it too shall pass.” To her, this mantra signifies that no matter how gloomy and apocalyptic life may seem, tomorrow is a new day. “Get your foundations back in place and build,” she says. “Being an adult is bloody hard! […] but lets see how tomorrow goes, this too shall pass.”

To see more of Jada and her journey please follow her @Jadasezer

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