FaceTime Photoshoot with Karlo Gomez featuring Alyssa Ross

Aug 15, 2020
Written by
Karlo Gomez
Photographed by
Karlo Gomez

oing FaceTime photoshoots are so much fun! If you have not done one, please do it!! it's so freeing and liberating to see your beauty captured. Just find a talented photographer that knows their stuff🤩

Here is Part l to my photoshoot with Alyssa Ross - Do not hesitate to check out her instagram  

and her growing presence on Tiktok @Alyssa.g.ross

We asked Alyssa a few questions that we would like to share.

Sunday: How was it doing a FaceTime photoshoot with Karlo for the first time?

Alyssa: The shoot was so fun! We played music and chatted, honestly felt like just hanging out with a friend! Usually I get so nervous for shoots with new photographers, but Karlo made it so comfortable and easy!

Sunday: Would you recommend other women to do a photoshoot without makeup?

Alyssa: Absolutely! I think it’s empowering to see yourself in a shoot without makeup because we get so used to the idea that we must be dolled up in order to get our picture taken. Once you take pictures without it, you realize you really never need it in the first place. Of course it’s going to be out of your comfort zone, but if life doesn’t make you a little uncomfortable, you aren’t doing it right.

Sunday: How do you love yourself daily?

Alyssa: I try to remind myself everyday that things are temporary; pain, exhaustion, the bad taste of a healthy food or vitamin, the way my body looks at 7am vs 7pm. Everything changes, and constantly. Don’t get too hung up on those little things, because the pain will go away, you will recover after a long day, the taste will fade, and your body will look a little different in an hour. 

I love myself by allowing myself to take time when I need it to heal, relax, step away, and even time to be insecure. As a person always on the go, it’s good to take time to be with yourself, even if that means being with the harder and darker parts. Those are a part of you too and it is healthy and important to acknowledge them.

Sunday: What are some good self love tips you recommend?


1. Things are temporary, you will get through anything you are going through and it will make you stronger.

2. It is okay to take the time to reflect on the parts of yourself that you struggle with so that you can start to work on those parts of yourself. Acknowledging your struggles is the first step to overcoming them.

3. Sometimes it may not seem like it, but you have a choice in how you react and therefore how you live. Choose happiness, choose confidence, choose positive energy and people, choose to let go of the bad when you can and soak in the good as much as possible. You can make your life beautiful by being the beauty in your life.

Part l of our photoshoot
"If life doesn’t make you a little uncomfortable, you aren’t doing it right."
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Part ll
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