FaceTime Photoshoot With Karlo Gomez Featuring Ericka Jane Link

Aug 28, 2020
Written by
Karlo Gomez
Photographed by
Karlo Gomez

y FaceTime photoshoot was amazing with Ericka Jane Link! Just love her natural beauty and free spirit during our shoot. Here is our shoot below.

We also had a few questions for Ericka.

Sunday: What advice would you give girls wanting to build confidence?

Ericka: Whatever you do, whether you chose to follow the crowd or stand out, LOVE it and enjoy it, if you don’t love it you’re doing the wrong thing, and from their your confidence will build.

Sunday: Why do you love wearing no makeup?

Ericka: I get to show off the insecurities i’ve grown to love, helping other girls also be more confident in their skin.

Sunday: What did mainstream media teach you and does it still affect how you see your natural beauty?

Ericka: The mainstream media has taught me beautiful is a size 0, clear skin, symmetrical features and photoshop. it wasn’t until recently companies have embodied that flaws are equally beautiful and that plastering THAT on build-boards and ads have helped millions of girls know that acne, stretch marks, cellulite, and other natural parts of being a women know that it’s still BEAUTY.

Sunday: Why do you love your cellulite and stretch marks?

Ericka: I've not yet experienced stretch marks and cellulite on my body, but when my body changes and forms these natural stages i’ll love them regardless since they are on my body and on so many other beautiful girls bodies.

Sunday: What advice would you give girls on loving their body.

Ericka: You don’t always have to go 2 inches from the mirror and speculate every pore on your face, or stand naked in the mirror after a shower and fantasize your body any other way than it already is. Find the thing that makes you different or not like the mainstream media models and run with it until you can’t stop filling your head with positive thoughts on that and over time you will cross a mirror and love the idea you’ve created in your head.

Sunday: 3 tself love tips you can give girls they can start doing today

1. every morning start your day with praises of affection and love towards your body and facial features.

2. wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. If they have a little less material than the standard or a little more material than the standard, whatever you chose embrace it in the best way possible and flaunt it.

3. the things you don’t say in your head have a tremendous impact on how you live out loud. Fill your mind with positivity and love and graciousness about your body and those around you, and you will see a difference in your overall mentality and actions that will turn into self love.

Until next time, Visit Ericka's insta @ErickaJane5

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