Gabrielle has our attention, and we're listening!

May 24, 2020
Written by
Karlo Gomez
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Karlo Gomez
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“You are smart, you are beautiful, you’ve got attitude, and I like it!”
SundayGirl Gabrielle Upshaw has our attention, and we're listening!

Sunday: What’s your ethnicity?

Gabby: African American/ White

Sunday: What’s your age?

Gabby: I am 23

Sunday: What is one major way you’ve struggled to appreciate or love your body?

Gabby: By not listening to what my body felt. I would eat foods that my body didn’t agree with, then I would hate the way I looked and as a result I would starve myself by not eating for a day or two.

Sunday: Why do you think women develop negative relationships with their bodies?

Gabby: I think we all compare our body to the other woman. As we grow older we develop a bad perception of how we look. I don’t think parents are teaching girls and young women to love and be confident with who they are.

Sunday: What are a couple ways you’ve found to overcome negativity in relation to your body?

Gabby: I've learned to appreciate all of the beautiful changes my body goes through by looking back at older photos of myself and realizing that I didn’t look “as bad” as I thought I did.

Sunday: What’s one thing you wish would change in the world to help present and future generations of women feel more beautiful in their own skin?

Gabby: First, we need more people like Karlo Gomez. He is an amazing soul who truly and deeply cares about women.

I would change our present generation by changing how we feel about ourselves. This way we can teach and prepare our children on how to love and feel beautiful with who they really are.

Sunday: What do you love most about your body, and why?

Gabby: I love that my body is a healthy body and is functioning as It should. I love that as long as I love and appreciate my body, she will continue to teach me how to love myself, all I have to do is listen to what my body needs.

Sunday: How was it shooting with Karlo with no makeup?

Gabby: Shooting with Karlo was amazing. He made sure I felt amazing, as he wants to document the parts of the body most women want to hide. If a woman is self-conscious about her acne, stretch marks, cellulite, scars or anything he aims to make her love them.

Sunday: Do you typically wear makeup? If so why?

Gabby: No I don’t. It is important for me to always know who I am, and what I look like is a part of who I am.

Sunday: How do you keep yourself healthy?

Gabby: I do what my body needs. If I need a break from the gym I take it, if I need a day of sleep I will sleep the day away. If I need ice cream and a long ride in the car I make sure I bring my wallet because I never have it with me.

Sunday: What physical activities make you feel better?

Gabby: Gym, yoga, hike, scuba diving, the ocean.

Sunday: What do you typically eat to stay healthy?

Gabby: I love a green smoothie

Sunday: What is one thing that you love about your body?

Gabby: I love my butt!!

Sunday: Why is it important to feel sexy?

Gabby: Feeling sexy is powerful feeling. It gives me a fierce confidence that I have learned to have on my own.

Sunday: Some people feel taking pictures in underwear is wrong, how does it make you feel when you take photos in a bra and underwear?

Gabby: I love it. I get a spike in my confidence and rebellious spirit knowing that I don’t care if people like it or not.

Sunday: What words of inspiration can you give to a girl struggling to love her body?

Gabby: “You are smart, you are beautiful, you’ve got attitude, and I like it!” I have told my niece that every time I have seen her since she was born and she repeats it and says it like she means it. Love yourself, love the girl next to you, we all need help and we are all struggling. Your kindness goes a long way.

Sunday: Also, why are you comfortable being naked, what does that mean to you?

Gabby: I'm comfortable being naked because the female body is so beautiful. Being naked is freeing and allows me to be one with my mind and body.

Sunday: How has SMV impacted you?

Gabby: SMV has really pushed me to confront myself about how I was treating my mind and body. Why was I treating myself so bad when I didn’t look how I thought I should after one meal? I normally would have done a 5 day juice fast, went to the gym twice a day, and slept my days away because I was starving myself, just to not be bloated or think I look bad for the shoot. So for this shoot I decided to skip the gym for the week, eat all the fruity pebbles and cookies I wanted, and put my juicer in the garage until I finish this session with Karlo.

To see more of Gabrielle, please follow her and her journey @gabby.lovee

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