May 21, 2020
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Isidora Sorensen
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think that this time of social distancing in this quarantine period has been a time to feel ourselves, to take care of ourselves, to love ourselves and to embrace ourselves ... But perhaps it has also been the opposite for some people who they have been more self-destructive with themselves in some moments.    

If we really think about it : how many times in our life have we really been with ourselves? with our thoughts, insecurities, fears, worries, tastes, preferences ... Probably before this pandemic when we had those destructive thoughts, we had the possibility to run away from them, where we could go somewhere, distract ourselves and not to think about. Now, we are stuck with all of our thoughts and feelings.

So, What can we do with ourselves? with the fears that we have created? And with the insecurities that have become more present to us perhaps these days?

In my instagram I usually try to speak of self-love, of accepting ourselves (to accept ourselves, not only regarding to our body, I refer to ourselves as our origins, roots, circumstances, stories ... etc), to love each other, to embrace each other, inside and out. But to be honest, now that I'm talking about this, doesn't  mean that every day I feel good about myself, there are days that I question myself, days that I compare myself and I think that some days of this long quarantine I have had several days like that.  There's been some weeks that I have demanded too much to myself but luckily other weeks that I have been able to find a balance.

I think these weeks have been days where we look too much, we demand too much of ourselves and we think that we are bad because of who we are ... But it is not like that, we are perfectly imperfect and we don't need to be another person, to have another life, to have another body to live ... I think that one of the lessons that this pandemic can give us is that to "live" we just need to be alive.  That's it. To live the day, we have to be present on that day ... To live, we cannot be thinking in what could or could not happen tomorrow ... To live, we do not need to reach our ideal weight, we do not need to have abs, we do not need to have a small waist, we do not need to have perfect skin, we do not need to eliminate cellulite or loose skin to live well.

For this reason, our insecurities are useless during this quarantine ... They do not protect us, they do not help us a, they just limit us. We create labels that limit us to live our lives to the fullest.

If today was your last day of life: do you think that you actually lived to the fullest? Do you think that having your perfect waist, according to your parameters or having removed your stretch marks, has allowed that?

I don't think so.

~ Isi [ isisorensen ]

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