Is it true the naked body is art?

Dec 3, 2020
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here’s something a loved one has said to me that’s truly stuck. “We are all beautiful souls who go through this life living in our own unique vessels. Vessels being our bodies. What really matters is what’s deep inside, our true essence. But in order to live a long fruitful life we must treat our vessels with the highest respect and care.”

I think this mostly stuck because it opened my eyes to a whole new perspective.

Our bodies are an art form carrying us through life. Think about it, it really is a blessing that we’ve been given these vehicles to allow us to run through grass fields, and swim in the ocean, and eat the vegetables, and hold our loved ones. It was since realising this that I stopped giving a fuck about the extra rolls I’ve grown since hitting mid 20s.

We are all the same, but different in our own unique way. We all wobble a little when we laugh, but how we glisten in our eyes when we do is what makes us uniquely us.

I was always interested in sex and nudity from a young age, but once diving deeper into this thought it really broke away all the negative stigma around embracing my naked body. I then started to feel a lot more at peace with my naked form and how I viewed myself.

It’s incredible the type of liberating sensation you can get from being naked within nature. It’s like for that moment you’re exactly where you should be, in your own garden of eden.

We all have the option to step into our power. To have a more authentic experience of this life we’ve been given.

Take yourself out in nature, jump into the water and take your barrier off. Let go off the negative voices in your head and just be..

I promise, the world will flourish all around you.

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