It’s a woman’s world!

Nov 13, 2019
Written by
Chisomo Msoffe
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he glass will eventually crack and break. Women are making moves and the glass ceiling is cracked! How can you get your dream job and push through this male-driven world? Look up the gender wage laws in your country or region and you will be surprised to find that you have some people in power pushing for you. A great example of these gender equality laws that are opening doors for women are countries like Malta and Iceland passing new legislation aimed at creating pay transparency.

In hopes of creating pay transparency “Malta’s Minister for Equality Edward Zammit Lewis has expressed his support for proposed plans that could shed light on wage differences between men and women in Malta and around Europe.” (Cilia 2019) This is after Iceland passed a law that makes it illegal for companies to pay women less for the same work.

The gender wage gap is something that has existed for centuries and women today are creating a unified voice and demanding what they deserve. All the excuses on why a woman should make less have been brought forth and found invalid. Henceforth the united and unstoppable front which aims at shattering the glass ceiling. You can do your part in this movement while professionally advancing your career.

What steps can you take to ensure you put a little more pressure on that cracked glass:

Bring on the book and street smarts – Research the job market you are in or wish to enter and create goals for yourself. Remember that having the right education and skills will propel you to the top of that candidate pool.

Don’t skim through the job posting – Once you have found your dream job look at what is required from you and see what skills you need to wow the pants off your potential employers. Reading the job posting thoroughly will never let you down because you are prepared to shape yourself to fit into your dream job.

Find your wow factor– Think about what distinguishes you from the other candidates and use this to market yourself in interviews and on your resume.

These are a few helpful tips, now you put on your big girl pants or dress, and go create tides!


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