KickStarter Supporter: Sophia Turner

Nov 12, 2019
Written by
Taryn Pearce
Photographed by
Karlo Gomez

ophia Turner thank you for supporting our Kickstarter Campaign.

1. How have you struggled in the past to appreciate or love your body and how have you overcome that struggle?

I have struggled with loving my body for a long time. I think most girls go through it but that doesn't make it ok. Recently I started diving into my thought patterns and trying to identify where I can work on replacing the harmful thoughts with positive ones and I realized it’s a choice. A choice to say no to the negative thoughts and to not allow them to have power over you.

2. What do you love most about your body?

I love my body for what it can DO! My body has gone through many grueling workouts while I was in sports. It has given me signals for when things don't feel right and has given me the ability to travel wherever I want to go.

3. What message do you have for other women who struggle to appreciate and love theirbodies?

Fortune favors the bold. It’s hard to go against society's standards, to stop comparing yourself to everyone around you, to find that inner confidence - but once you choose to embrace how strong you are regardless of how other people view you, you will turn your pain into your greatest strength.

4. Why do you support SMV?

I passionately support SMV because they shine a light on women being bold, confident, and beautiful.

Thanks for your support, Sophia! We love you! --- The SMV Team

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