Om Twiins and self love

Oct 13, 2020
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Karlo Gomez
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Karlo Gomez

ur interview with the Om Twins.

What’s your ethnicity?
Mexican ❤️ Born in Queretaro, living in Playa del Carmen

What’s your age?
We are 28 years young ☀️

What is one major way you’ve struggled to appreciate or love your body?
Social constructs and crazy stereotypes of what a "woman" should or shouldn't be/act/look like ... Sadly we live in a "machista" culture where women are still very oppressed... we aren't taught to love our bodies and be comfortable in their own skin.. like many others, we grew up chasing crazy beauty standards that not only were unreal but at some point made us hate our bodies and blind us from seeing what was shining back at us in the mirror. (Sometimes we can be our worst enemy and dim our own light) Feeling ashamed due to criticism, thinking we had to hide our bodies to avoid judgment/harm, scared to express ourselves and caring what others might think of us was definitely a big wall to knock down on our journey to real self love.

Why do you think women develop negative relationships with their bodies?
We feel it all comes down to the way we talk to ourselves everyday. Words are so powerful, and if we are repeating negative thoughts over and over... we end up believing it... to the point that we don´t even see/hear how destructive we are being... it becomes our "new normal" to bash our beautiful bodies constantly .. to focus on the "flaws" .. to compare to other women...

Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits... and so on... And when you add outside negative energy into that mix, if we dont have a solid and healthy self-esteem we are more likely to fall victims of body shame and develop bad relationships with our bodies.

We choose everyday how we talk to our bodies, and that has enormous impact on us.. if the first thing you say to yourself waking up is "ugh i am ugly" "i hate my stretchmarks" etc... a million things will follow that negative trail... but if we start the day feeling grateful, loving ourselves and happy .. being mindful and making it a priority to say to ourselves "Im so beautiful" "I love my smile" "thank you body for all you do for me" "You got this" and so on ... then good things will follow.

What are a couple ways you’ve found to overcome negativity in relation to your body?
We have to be our best cheerleaders!!
Re programing and changing our inner dialogue.
Identify things we CAN change and things we CANT
Example: How tall we are, the color of our eyes, our age ...etc...
These are things we cant change (and why would we?!) Instead of being negative towards this stuff, spin it and be GRATEFUL ... all this things make you ... YOU!! And are so beautiful and we should embrace them.

But there are other things that if they bother us but we CAN change them then do it!! We are personal trainers, we work with women and this is the first thing we address.. INNER DIALOGUE (how we all talk to ourselves)
For example: working out should always be because we LOVE our bodies... not because we hate them... be grateful with your progress and use everything as a motivation boost to keep going!!

What’s one thing you wish would change in the world to help present and future generations of women feel more beautiful in their own skin?
Security... We believe that a lot of women are scared to show themselves fully because of the fear of now being seen as an object or someone you could take advantage of and be harmed. So the lack of not feeling safe ... results on hiding our bodies, shaming others and ourselves.
Women rights movement is finally getting more attention, we have to keep on fighting so we can feel safe and help others achieve this too.. we have to stay united, empower each other and show support if we truly want to change things and be in a world where we can love ourselves without any fear.

What do you love most about your body, and why?
The amazing ability it has to transform... Our bodies are pure magic...
If you're patient and caring.. your body will do incredible things for you, it changes and does so many things to keep you alive.  
So self love is the least we can do to repay back all it does for us, dont you think? ❤️

How was it shooting with Karlo with no makeup?
Really fun!! Karlo's energy is amazing, the no makeup part wasn't a problem/issue for us. We show ourselves like this almost all the time.

What was really interesting to discover/notice... was that we DO pose a lot when we do photos.. we instantly do poses that we think/feel will make "good" instagram pics... like the famous booty pop, tilting the hips or arching the back.. so this photoshoot was a nice challenge to step out of that comfort zone and just focus on the moment. Grateful Karlo was able to capture the love we have for each other and we felt comfortable in our own skin and very happy with the outcome!! (hope you like them too jiji)

Do you typically wear makeup? If so why?
On our day to day life.. No. haha we might use makeup for special occasions (example: photoshoots, a date or night out dancing with friends) But usually we are at the gym training or home working... so no make up for us.
We are happy that we reached a point in our life were we feel confident wearing make up or wearing nothing at all... both sides we embrace and love!! When we wear make up its always fun!!

How do you keep yourself healthy ?
Veganism, fitness and tons of twin time!!!! We make sure we have a well planned training program and we developed a healthy relationship with food!! Making time to do things we love but also things that challenge or teach us something new!!

What physical activities make you feel better? (Yoga, gym, meditation)
Gym, meditation, walking Leon (our dog) and dancing!!

What do you typically eat to stay healthy?
We eat everything as long as its VEGAN ❤️
On a daily basis, we just love following macros, a flexible diet that helps you understand what your body needs and how to get it.
We eat the rainbow!! Fruits, veggies and tons of vegan waffles.
Adding VidaBirdman protein powder to our meals has boost our vegan gains and helped us stay healthy too :)

What is one thing that you love about your body?
How it reflects all the good decisions we´ve made
(Going vegan, training at least 5 to 6 times a week, healthy habits...)
If you show love to your body the body will give it back!!

But if we haaaad to choose one physical trait would be: Our hair
Since we went vegan it healed a lot and grew so much!! jiji

What words of inspiration can you give to a girl struggling to love her body?
Stop comparing yourself to others. Dont ever feel like you have to change to please someone or to "fit in". Embrace your body, do things you love and enjoy it to the fullest!!
This moment right now is the youngest you´ll ever be!! So no regrets. Remember not to stress about natural things like stretch marks, cellulite, etc... WE ALL HAVE THEM ❤️

Choose wisely who you "follow" or listen to... sometimes we follow people that make us feel insecure about our bodies or that dont really contribute in a positive way in our life. Nothing wrong with unfollowing... only keep people that make you feel happy & good!!

And last but not least.. if youre struggling... reach out!!
You're never alone, talking and addressing whats holding you back is very important to achieving TRUE SELF LOVE!! We would be happy to help you any way we can!! If you need help on going vegan, healthier lifestyle, motivation to workout, tips to train and/or just want to talk about life... we are always here!!  

How has SMV impacted you?
Huge positive way ❤️ Its been such a moving and beautiful experience to work with amazing people that help women from all around the world to truly love themselves!! We love and share SMV mission so we feel honored and so so happy to finally be SMV girls!! We are grateful to be part of this empowering community!!
When we all unite... nothing can stop us!! Sending everyone so much love!!

Eileen & Gilian = Om Twiins
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