Perfect body in an imperfect world

May 9, 2020
Written by
Karlo Gomez
Photographed by
Art by: Peach Pinups

o You know how hard it is to grow up as “the fat kid”? To always struggle with your confidence and to feel like You are worse, like You are not worthy to feel pretty or loved? Then You finally start to do something for yourself, so You feel better, healthier, stronger & prettier! You are almost there and You feel great and strong ... and suddenly You start gaining weight again and lose everything You've worked for. You feel depressed, You are dissapointed in yourself and blame the whole world for it. You start to hate yourself again, your self esteem goes below zero and your body becomes once again your enemy!
But why? You shouldn’t hate yourself for simply being human.
Now imagine it happens to Your best friend, would You hate him/her for it?!
No, You wouldn’t!
You would support them and show them they are perfect exactly how they are. That they are loved and more beautiful than ever.
And why?

Because we don’t love others because of how they look (big or small, tall or short) but because of how they make us feel 💟 In a few years you will not remember if someone had abs or perfect legs but you will remember who was there for You, who made you feel happy and loved.
Your body does not have to be perfect for the world, it has to be strong and healthy for You. Because big or small, if your inside is rotten and full of hate (towards yourself or others), you will never be truly happy (or pretty) 🐛🦋
Be your own kind of fit because you don’t have to “fit in” to be beautiful! All You need is a smile and self love ❤️

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