Sharon Clawson - A photo journal

Dec 16, 2021
Written by
Karlo Gomez
Photographed by
Karlo Gomez

e had such a wonderful time shooting with Sharon, and captured some amazing photos!

A few words from Sharon.

Like many of us growing up, I hated my body. I had a hard time accepting that I would never be a size 2 with “curves in all the right places” since the ideal beauty standard was constantly being pushed on me. I would always look at my stretch marks and wonder why they’d be there. I’d look at my body and point out everything wrong at it instead of everything it would do for me. I would hate my body instead of thanking it. I would starve myself instead of nourishing it with everything it needed. I would always put myself down instead of treating myself the way I’d treat one of my girlfriends. Had I spent more time being kind to myself and my body, I would’ve enjoyed life so much more. I’m just grateful for this body, this journey, and that those days are far behind me. Thank you SMV for capturing me so beautifully and helping me feel more empowered than I already do. ♥️‍

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