11 ways to love your body

Jul 17, 2020
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Annia Spank
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had a long path to “body positivity.” The most important thing that I realized is that being confident about your body is not a one day thing, it’s a process. Here are things I think can help you to grow some type of confidence; one step at a time: 

Nice Clothes:

Wear clothes that give you confidence and good energy will start to grow. Clothes can be a tool to shape your mood. So just pick up clothes that make you feel great!

Sexy Lingerie:

Even when there are no plans for the night you should try to wear something nice. A bra that fits you well can help your posture. The underwear that feels nice to the skin and looks good can make your day/night.  

Healthy Skin:

Many health and beauty experts recommended to use moisturizer, scrubs regularly, and go to the spa, it's relaxing and a great stress reliever.


Your body can be the size that you feel comfortable with, but you NEED to do some type physical activity. Do what is comfortable for you. For example, doing yoga is relaxing and a great workout as well and the instructor even tells you to rest whenever you feel like it’s needed. In addition yoga shows appreciation to your body for the opportunity to participate in the class.  

Healthy Food:

Try to eat fresh food whenever it is possible. I mostly cook for myself on a daily basis. It is very important to eat food that you actually enjoy.  


Mmm, massages are the best. You would love giving your body time for massages. It is time to reflect on life and to simply relax.  

Amazing Sex:

No comments here ;) 

Supporting Partner, Family, and/or Friends:

Bodyshaming from your partner is the worst. If your partner bodyshames then they are not for you! The right words and actions from you partner can boost your confidence 100%!

Pictures and Videos:

Getting compliments from your friends and followers on social media helps you every day. It is nice doing professional photo shoots every once in a while. A good photographer always makes your body shine and knowing your angles can help you boost your confidence. 


As much as you need. You should always have a glass of water on your desk or around you.

Last but not Least:

Looking at yourself in the mirror and saying “You can do it!”

Self Portrait Of Me ❤️

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