bad body image days

Jan 25, 2023
Written by
Olivia Bayly
Photographed by
Olivia Bayly

ctual footage of my mental health declining due to bad body image.

It isn't humanly possible to be positive & to love/accept yourself 24/7- this is one of those times for me.

I took these photos about 20 minutes ago in our hotel bathroom before my shower & my God, can period bloat & harsh lighting lower your self-esteem.

We are away at the moment & all day long I've felt SAD, SAD, SAD because of how I look

  • I felt guilty over everything I ate
  • I looked at myself in every reflective surface
  • I kept running my hands over my stomach to see if I was still bloated (in my head, fat)
  • I thought about not eating for a couple of days

These are the detrimental effects that we experience because of ideal beauty standards & I f*cking hate it!! 

I dislike these photos & I wanted to post them exactly for that reason.

Just know that, everybody goes through these days, even people who appear to be body confident.

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