4 Natural Alternatives for Your Skin Care Routine

Dec 9, 2019
Written by
Maria Gaspar
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or a long time I’ve been searching for skin care products with the least amount of harmful chemicals as possible, you know, basically a big part of the components on the long ingredients list, such as parabens, silicone and alcohol.

On the long run, these chemicals can have a damaging effect on the skin, especially on a sensitive zone as our face, and the products also have a negative impact on the environment when they come in a plastic packaging (which is most of the time). Plus: the natural alternatives are so much cheaper. Therefore, there were only good reasons for me to try other solutions and see how they worked!

I searched for alternatives for a complete skin care routine and came across a few homemade ideas that I decided to try. I’m happy to say that I really liked it, and so, I’m here today to share it with you!


Firstly, I put on a toner to clear the skin of impurities that come across it during the day and to soothe it. It may sound odd at first, but it worked so well. I used a round cotton pad with some apple cider vinegar mixed with water, applied it to my face and all the dirt came out. And that’s it! Can you believe it can be that easy?

It balances the pH of our skin and keeps it on the healthy level between oily and a dry skin.

Facial Scrub

Photo By: boulderlocavore

To exfoliate the skin I used a teaspoon of honey with a little bit of sugar, just enough to make a thick consistency. I put the mix on my fingers and applied it to my face directly, using a circular motion.

Honey and sugar are both very good to hydrate the skin and it is a perfect mix to apply, as it doesn’t irritate the skin.

Facial Mask

This recipe is just a little bit more complex, but nevertheless, so worth it! I used one avocado, one banana and one egg white. I smashed the avocado and the banana,

added the egg white and mixed it all together. Then, I applied it to my face and let it sit for 15 minutes, avoiding the area around the eyes; rinsed it with water and felt a huge difference just as I took it off!

Avocado is a greasy fruit, full of omega 3's, and so, it is a great moisturizer and fully hydrates the skin. Bananas are full of anti-oxidants, revitalizing the skin and making it glow. Egg whites have a regenerative power to the skin, as their full of nutrients.

For an extra care and relaxation, I used the typical cucumber slices on my eyes. It is not a Hollywood myth, cucumber has antioxidants that can reduce irritation and its coolness reduces puffiness. You can also leave it for 15 minutes.

Face Moisturizer

This product is possibly the easiest one to replace. Instead of my usual face lotion, I used coconut oil, organic of course. It is very hydrating to the skin and it sinks in very quickly, which is great to use as a daytime cream.

However, if you have a very oily skin it is not as good, as it makes you retain more moisture. In this case, you could use every couple of days instead of every day.

I hope you like these recommendations and that they work for you as well as they worked for me!