Royal Realness

Nov 15, 2019
Written by
Lacy Bundy
Photographed by

t’s officially been one week since the world watched American actress, activist and self-declared feminist, Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry and become the newest member of the royal family, and we still can’t get enough!

Among the flowers, the opulent chapel, celebrity guests and ya know, a world stage, the Duchess of Sussex bucked traditional bridal trends and, instead, put her natural beauty, freckles and all, on full display for the world to see. Her “no-makeup makeup” created by makeup artist Daniel Martin included little to no foundation, a peachy-pink blush, a subtle brown smokey eye, a natural pink lip accompanied by a beautifully “undone” updo.

She was stunning and yet the internet jury was torn. Some were praising her bridal look calling it stunning and youthful. Others stating that she looked plain or going as far as saying she looked like she put no effort into her look for the big day.

In a world of polarizing makeup trends, women can seemingly only choose between full Instagram glam or no-makeup makeup. The beauty standards are either fully contoured and highlighted for the Gods or wearing a tinted moisturizer and often the less makeup the more people assume you don't care about how you look.

We couldn’t disagree more.

While rocking the barely there look is a signature for the Duchess, Meghan made a STATEMENT by showcasing her natural beauty on her wedding day.Her radiant makeup not only modernized her as a bride, but also a royal. While many royals have opted for a more “done” look, she stayed true to her personal style of simple and real. She proved you don’t need to transform yourself with 15 layers of product to be a beautiful bride and most importantly she wore what made HER feel beautiful and comfortable on her big day.

What’s more feminist than that?