4 tips to heat up intimacy during our pandemic

Jun 23, 2020
Written by
Necey Sumabat
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s the love-boat sinking? The freaking coronavirus pandemic. Life has been tossed upside down and now news headlines scream threats of a second wave this fall. WOW! 2020 is a wrap! If quarters are too close at home, and tensions are causing a rift in the new “@home life”, here are 4 tips to help heat-up sensual intimacy this summer:

  1. Reawaken that playful, flirtatious, spirit like when you first met. Turn on John Legend, get steamy in the shower, and scrub each other’s back. Make an effort to touch more. Everywhere. 
  2. Work as a team. Do DIY projects. Seeing your partner use creativity and put a plan into motion is sexy. Building a project together creates a sense of accomplishment, which is an important feeling to share during trying times. 
  3. Do something you both enjoy. Go for a scenic walk, get in touch with nature, bike, or play games! Shoot, my boo and I brought the Wii out! 
  4. Lastly, take a break from responsibilities. Get some lemonade. Don’t forget to spike it. Find time to RELAX and reset on a hot summers eve. LISTEN, have deep convos about new adventures, ideas, dream! The rona isn’t going to be here forever! 

Listen to the universe, she’s telling us to live our lives differently. Pull yourself into your partner. This is the perfect time to re-establish love. This time we’ve been given is rare, use it wisely. If we learned anything from this pandemic, life is short. Love.

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