Dear Acne, you're the best thing that ever happened to me!!!

Mar 3, 2020
Written by
Hayley Wester
Photographed by
Hayley Wester

ear acne,

You’re the best thing to ever happen to me.

I know, I know, I’m crazy. I never thought in a million years that I would say or even believe that statement. Acne has controlled my life for awhile and it has actually taught me SO MUCH.⁣

Through having acne, I do not judge others on appearance. Never. I am more sympathetic towards any skin or non skin related conditions. Because of acne I make sure to include someone if I see they’re left out. Because of acne I give compliments to strangers I see might be self conscious or just because I want to lift someone up. Because of acne I am more conscious of the way I talk to people and about people. Because of acne I choose my words more carefully when speaking to others. ⁣

I am human, I get mad, I get petty, I say mean things sometimes and I have absolutely hurt many peoples feelings in my lifetime. I know I am not perfect and never will be. I do know however that I do try my best. I have probably gotten more grace than I’ve deserved at times. ⁣

Acne has taught me so many life lessons and being a ‘anxious controlling’ person at times, acne has shown me that I CANT control everything. Acne taught me that trying to take control over something that is in fact, uncontrollable, only made me feel WORSE and made everything 10x harder than it needed to be. ⁣

Acne taught me to be more graceful and forgiving. Not just to myself, but everyone around me. ⁣

Without acne, I would’ve never started my blog. I would’ve never met all of you, and I would’ve never had the type of conversations I have with you guys. I would have never been a part of this acne community on IG. Without acne I would’ve never worked with the brands I have worked with so far, and I would’ve never been mentioned in Allure. ⁣

Without acne I would’ve never been able to help any of you feel like you’re not alone. I am reminded of the grace, love and support every damn day from you guys. I am missing probably hundreds or more lessons that acne has taught me... but I stand by my statement full heartedly. ⁣

Acne taught me one of the biggest lessons I didn’t quite grasp until age 25, and that is to love myself. Love myself even with the acne, even with the scars, the redness, the impurities. Acne taught me how to be confident. Now I won’t lie, that lesson in particular was forced on me as you can’t control acne... and I hated that it was forced on me. I tried to fight it for so long, I tried everything in my power to “take back” my power by clearing my acne. That’s not the way it actually works. You can take back your power in unexpected ways, mine was finally taking the mask off and showing everyone and anyone I had acne. Once I did that I was free, completely.

Acne taught me how to soar, how to feel on top of the world without mentally degrading myself. This didn’t happen overnight and it took hard work to get to where I am mentally with my acne. Sometimes the things we try to hide from and cover the most, are the very things that will launch us into our better selves. We just have to listen, and we have to love ourselves enough to want to listen to what lesson is trying to be taught to us. Give in. Let go. Listen. Prosper. Live your best life.

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