Dear Body By: Christine Laraine

Apr 9, 2020
Written by
Christine Laraine
Photographed by
Christine Laraine

ear body, thank-you.

Thank-you for continuously holding me up every day. Thank you for finding the strength in me to keep going. Thank-you for keeping me connected with the ground, humbling me with the earth. Thank-you for believing in me even when I did not. 

Dear body, I am sorry

I am sorry for saying such mean things to you. I am sorry for thinking you were too much. I am sorry for deciding you needed to change. I am sorry for thinking you needed to look like ‘Her’

Dear body, you are one-of-a-kind.

Many of your features have been deemed “ugly” in the past while in reality, they demonstrate the different milestones of a beautiful life. 

The cellulite behind your legs, on your butt, and on your stomach, it tells a story. It gives you a window into the world of biology, leaving behind marks to help you remember you have healthy, evolving body.

Your thunder thighs represent your strength. They hold you up, they carry you to above and beyond and they speak true power.

Your muscular hands grasp on to your loved ones, they make connections, and they allow you to feel. 

Your large nose, oh how you wished it to be smaller, but it’s your family tree. It lets you remember your parents, your grandparents, as they had the same one.

Your acne made you humble. It taught you that beauty is not only skin deep, it taught you resilience, and it taught you to treat others with kindness. 

Your belly rolls gave you comfort. They made you feel warm and cozy and acted as a cushion to keep you soft when life felt so sharp. 

& dear my thirteen-year-old self, please do not cry

Please do not cry because you are so loved. You are so strong. & you do not deserve to be sad. Look at that amazing young lady in the mirror. What do you see? I see a girl who shows power behind her eyes. I see a girl who is ready to come out of hiding. I see a girl who can move mountains, who can insight change in others, regardless of a number you see on the scale. You are worthy. You do not need to hide to make someone else happy. You do not need to have a boyfriend to be successful. You do not need to lose weight to be liked. What you do need is to find space. Find space that invites you to grow, that feeds your soul, that helps you flourish. You do not need to change yourself. But please do change who and what you surround yourself with if it does not serve you. Because your dear body is going to help you grow so high. 

My dear body, thank-you.

From: @christinelarainee

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