Dear Body By: Erika Weiss

Apr 8, 2020
Written by
Erika Weiss
Photographed by
Erika Weiss

ear Body,

I am sorry for how I have treated you in the past. 

I am sorry for the words I’ve used to describe you. 

I wasn’t being fair.

You’ve carried me through every day of my precious life.

You’ve allowed me to see various parts of the world.

You’ve granted me the privilege of movement and the power to change if I so desire.

When I think about all of the things you have given me, I shutter. I shutter, because I took you for granted and you didn’t deserve that. 

Will you believe me if I tell you I’ve changed?

Will you believe me if I tell you I truly think you are beautiful?

I hope so. 

I’m changing and I know you are too.

I’ve accepted that you will always change as a reflection of me and what I’m going through. 

Thank you for that. 

Thank you for sticking with me and allowing me to work through my issues. The road to repair our relationship has been long, but I’m not giving up just yet.

See, you and me – we’re a work in progress.

I won’t always be happy with you and you not with me, but we’re in this together. 

I promise to treat you kindly.

I promise to fuel you properly.

I promise to value you for all that you are. 

Hey body? I love you – and I definitely don’t say it enough.

From: |@workoutswitherika

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