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Mar 17, 2021
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ey guys!!

Today, I am here to introduce you to WAMA underwear - a truly amazing and sustainable clothing company that makes cute, super comfortable, and organic underwear out of HEMP. 


Yes, I said hemp. And no, you can’t smoke the undies, haha. 

Before I share all about the joys and benefits of WAMA undies, I want to give you some background knowledge on the harmful impacts of the fast fashion industry. I think that will help you to better appreciate all that this sustainable company has to offer. 

Let’s get started…

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s been a huge shift toward supporting and encouraging sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices over the last five to 10-ish years. Right?

With so much information being shared on climate change and the contributing factors, I felt inspired (and a little guilty) to do some research on how my daily habits, such as what I wear, what I eat, how I commute, where I shop, etc., contribute and have a negative impact on the environment on a global scale. 

And I want to be clear - while I am absolutely looking to make more eco-friendly choices and reduce my impact on the environment, I am not trying to falsely claim or promise that I’m suddenly going to change my entire lifestyle… this girl likes McDonald’s. I’m imperfect. Don’t judge me! Haha. 

I have specifically been learning about how the fast fashion industry is incredibly harmful to the environment, to the factory employees, and to human health. “Fast fashion is a business model that refers to clothing manufactured at warp speed and sold at a low price point. It focuses on rapidly producing high volumes of cheap, poor quality, disposable clothing.”

In order to be able to mass produce clothes, clothing companies have to cut a lot of corners, in the name of profit - human and environmental ones (ie: using child labourers, harmful and unethical working conditions, paying workers offensively low wages, depleting the Earth’s resources at alarming rates, using toxic chemicals/ dyes because they are cheaper, yet harmful to the environment and the workers who are exposed).

“Conventional fabric processing and manufacturing can be extremely wasteful - creating billions of pounds of textile waste (clothing) to landfills each year. Fast fashion is a huge producer of greenhouse gases (producing over a billion tonnes of CO2 per year), a huge consumer of the world’s water supply, using billions if not trillions of litres of water annually, and a huge contributor of microplastic pollution into our oceans (approximately half a million tonnes annually.)  "

Photo 1: The Negative Impacts of Fast Fashion

Now let me clarify - I’m not here to shame you to make more environmentally-friendly choices. I am not about that. 

But I am about providing you with options, and that’s where WAMA underwear comes in, as they provide the perfect antidote to fast fashion. 

Product Review 

After trying my WAMA bra and undies, I discovered that hemp fabric is so freaking comfortable, oh so breathable (which makes my vag happy), and the fabric gets softer with each and every wash. 

Does it get any better?

Well thank you for asking, and actually, yes, yes it does! I was surprised to learn that hemp fabric is naturally antibacterial, with anti-odor properties - so WAMA’s undies can fight the daily funk from down below, as well as keep your gym bag mildew/ nast free. 

Oh, an added bonus of eco-friendly undies is that they keep your vagina happy and healthy. Vaginas are self-cleaning and produce moisture and discharge throughout the day. Undies made of synthetic fabrics, like spandex, nylon, or polyester, can trap this moisture, therefore creating the kind of environment where yeast and bacteria thrive. This can lead to vaginal irritation, and infections. Ouch, no thanks! 

Research also suggests that people with penises may also benefit from wearing underwear made of natural fabrics, such as hemp. Studies have suggested that underwear made of synthetic fabrics can cause impotence, reduce sexual desire and activity, and can lead to decrease in sperm count, in people with penises.

So, not only are WAMA’s undies cute as hell, durable, comfy, soft, breathable, etc., but they also have environmental benefits, and health (genitalia) benefits.


Wearing my cute WAMA undies and bra make me feel comfortable and sexy, at the same time. Who knew that was possible? I sure as hell didn’t… I think it’s time for me to do a massive clean out/ throw away of my synthetic, restrictive, unbreathable, uncomfortable, and underwire/ pokey bras and undies. Whose with me? 


To start, WAMA is committed to producing comfortable, durable, and cute underwear that is made from the most sustainable fabric, hemp. 


Hemp is a sustainable option because not only can they thrive in a variety of soils and weather conditions, but they are regenerative crops that are remarkably fast-growing. Every single part of the hemp plant can be utilized for different reasons, including to clothe, house, medicate, feed livestock, or even cleanse and improve soil quality.

Because hemp is a weed, it grows prolifically and with little water and no pesticides (unlike cotton and other natural fibres). Hemp can even help the fight against deforestation because while trees take years to mature, hemp can be grown in just four months.6

There are tons of other reasons that make hemp a great, and sustainable alternative. I invite you to read into it further, as it’s quite awesome what hemp is capable of creating/ replacing. 

Now, back to WAMA - as a company, WAMA is dedicated to reducing their environmental blueprint in as many ways  as possible. They do this by: creating biodegradable underwear, using eco-friendly (low impact) dyes, which are chemical and toxicant free, using 100% recycled poly mailers to ship their products, using sustainable tissue paper that is recyclable and naturally biodegradable. Oh, and by using shipping boxes that are made from 100% recycled materials, and are fully recyclable and biodegradable.

WAMA is committed to the best practices that support their employees, the environment, and the community. They practice and ensure safe and fair labor practices, eco-friendly initiatives, and respect for community values.

On top of all the great things that I mentioned above, WAMA is also a Green America Certified business, is a PETA Approved Vegan brand, is involved in the Business Social Compliance Initiative. Also, their fabric is dyed in a facility that is Oeko-Tex Certified, which ensures that the fabric is/has been tested for harmful substances and that the fabric is therefore harmless to human health.

I feel excited and grateful to know that not only is WAMA committed to sustainable and eco-friendly practices, but also to creating better and safer lives for their employees. It’s great to have a company that really stands by their core values. 

Next time you’re getting ready to do a massive underwear dump, consider replacing them with WAMA underwear. You won’t be sorry!


Thanks for tuning in, loves!

❤️ Talya 


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