Loving Yourself With Self First Club

Nov 2, 2022
Written by
Stephanie Fonseca
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Self First Club

o you want to know the magic of self-love?

"Learning to love yourself can be a skill; it's something you practice and essentially get better with time."
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Start with liking yourself first. Liking yourself is simply self-acceptance. It might not be easy, but we have to start with accepting ourselves despite our flaws. Accepting ourselves means letting go of self-judgement. We start to focus on the parts of ourselves that we love the most and stop seeking validation from others. In order to learn how to love yourself, you have to start being kinder to yourself. Learning to love yourself can be a skill; it's something you practice and essentially get better with time.  

How did I start my journey towards self-love you might ask?  

  • Journaling. Whenever I felt like my self-esteem was low and I didn’t feel worthy, I wrote it all down. There is something therapeutic about putting thoughts onto paper.
  • Positive affirmations. I slowly started implementing positive affirmations. I remember constantly repeating to myself: “I am beautiful” “I am worthy” “you got this”. This definitely helped me eliminate a lot of the negative thought patterns I was having; I still  continue to repeat positive affirmations to this day.

We found an amazing company called SELF FIRST CLUB

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A club made to promote self-love via their products; they promote the love from within.

Their mission is to build a community to spread self-love, to help people find joy and confidence within themselves, and allow them to see that they are not alone when having self-doubt. SELF FIRST CLUB aims to build a community to educate others about the importance of self-love and promote self-love via their products.

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The products are run by collection, and each collection is limited. Their collection changes to keep the self-love journey more entertaining. Behind every collection, there is a message behind it.

Self-worth first comes from self-organization. The SELF FIRST PLANNER is here to guide you through your journey to become the best version of yourself.

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It’s important to note that our self-love journey can have its ups and downs. I’ve fallen out of love with myself a couple times due to stress, personal problems, and simply lack of motivation  (aka weird funks). Self-care has been a very important part of helping myself bounce back when I’m struggling with my self-love journey. To me, self-care is watching the sunset, quality time with friends, rewatching New Girl on Netflix, working out, listening to Ctrl and Blonde from start to finish and reading books that are motivational and themed around self-love. There are good days and there are bad days, but always remind yourself that YOU ARE WORTHY - even on your bad days.  

It’s been a long time coming, but from my experience I can say that our self-love journey doesn't have a finish line; I believe it’s a never-ending journey. Choosing to love myself first has helped me embrace who I am. It’s gotten to the point where people are reaching out to me for advice regarding their own journey with self-love. It amazes me every day the amount of love and  support I’ve received from the people who come across my TikTok. I’m very grateful for the opportunities that have made its way to me and I must say that I am proud of myself. Self-love is prioritizing myself and my own happiness, and I am glad I can inspire people along the way.

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