Is wearing a Bra Too Much, need an alternative?

Aug 23, 2022
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Marilyn D.
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'm a bra-lover, I get it! but sometimes bras just don't make the cut when you have to be out wearing a strapless top, or backless dress to a beautiful gathering or dinner. Well there is a simple solution to this puzzle... boob tape. Yep, that is right! It is easily shaped into whatever form you need it to be, so all boob sizes are welcome.

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It has a very strong adhesive  — because, Goodness, my boobs sure need them — we found a brand we simply adore and we think you will too! and they are women owned specifically targeting underserved consumers in this space - women of color.

Courtesy of brand

januarydecember is a luxury intimates brand based out of New York City specializing in undergarments and accessories in various shades of nude. The brand seeks to be all inclusive while specifically targeting underserved consumers in this space - women of color.

januaryDecember says, "Our focus is to cater to this untapped market of women's fashion. Similar to the beauty industry, the nude or skin tone shade within the intimates market has always been subjective."

Most products have limited hues that mostly target those of a lighter complexion. Even within those categories, shades are typically limited to one color – beige.

januaryDecember aims to be the go-to for all things nude intimates because Representation Matters.

Breast Lift Tape

Now you can go braless with impressively strong boob tape to support your breast. Januarydecember is designed to lift and support up to an H breast cup. It's easy to cut and customize to your desired fit. Must be worn with nipple pasties or silicone nipple covers.

Silicone Nipple Covers

Nipple Pasties

Weekend Kit
Make sure to follow them on Instagram for more: @januarydecember_official

Use SMV20 for a 20% discount.

- Watch this video for how it works -

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