FIND OUT WHY Superwoman saves her mental health

Dec 10, 2019
Written by
Chisomo N Msoffe
Photographed by
Merritt Decloux

atriarchy is the glue that holds us together! What happens when that glow is stretched so thin to hold all the loose and broken pieces together? I grew up with phenomenal women who embodied resilience. A woman is a provider, homemaker, shoulder to cry on and so much more but where does she find her solitude…

It is easy to inherit the superwoman cape without knowing the mental implications it has on our lives. We work so hard to emulate the strong woman image but forget that we are just like everyone else and we need care too.

Simply stated, the “superwoman” complex is defined by Dr. C. Nicole Swiner as “the false belief that one person can be all things to all people, perfectly. It can have devastating effects- emotionally, mentally, and physically. “

It can be exhausting and causes many women to burn out, you might not realize how much of a toll this takes on your mental health and wellbeing. It is vital for you to stop and practice self-care which in turn will be your self-preservation. 

Pay attention to the needs of your body and mind especially if you notice red flags like fatigue, forgetfulness, lack of mental wellness and emotional exhaustion. The government office on Women’s Health reported that “More than 1 in 5 women in the United States experienced a mental health condition in the past year, such as depression or anxiety.”  Never accept a constant state of burnout as your normal, self-preservation is your first responsibility to you and your loved ones.

Take that first step to telling the world that mental health is the new trend you are going with! Tag yourself into some healthy practises that will pull you away from the superwoman complex.  The office on Women’s health reminds us the “Good mental health means you’re able to cope with daily stresses and accomplish personal goals.”

Start by finding the things that you love doing which are calming and practise a few of the tips below:

  • Meditation exercises and personal time are a must. Create time in your day to simply reflect or listen to music.
  • Find your tribe and let the love YOU hard. We all need a healthy support system
  • Learn that the is great power in the word “NO”
  • Create a self-check-in method when you start to feel overwhelmed

Women will always be magical but not immortal, identifying your inner worth is a new level of self-awareness that you did not know you needed. Emotionally sound and self-aware women love better!

Helpful video on meditation


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