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Jun 13, 2020
Written by
Sexuality Educator Lahnee Pavlovich 
Photographed by
Ronise Da Luz

s a white Australian woman working as a sexuality educator & empowerment coach, it's my absolute honor to get to write this piece. Why? Two reasons. Number one is that for the first time in history, sex and sexuality is being discussed in an academic way like never before. There is a movement from being overtly sexualized as women to finally taking control of that space and instead, becoming the educators for change. And thanks to that shift, there has been a surge in the number of women embracing this work.

The second reason why I’m excited to be the woman behind this article, is because I get to share with you some of the most influential and inspirational women who join me in the sexuality field. And you know what, all of these incredible women; who are paving the way for sex education, healing and empowerment; who motivate me daily in my work; who I learn from constantly; who are the reason I’m so passionate about this work in the first place - are women of colour.

Our world is in the midst of an uprising. We are experiencing radical, necessary change, so now more than ever advocates for sex education need to keep racial justice and equity at the forefront of our minds, our missions, and our work. We need to do more than just show our support for these incredible women of colour doing this work, but let’s at the very least start there.

So, do yourself a favor, open your Instagram app, visit the profiles below, hit that follow button and then stick around to delve into their life’s work and really learn something. Listen to the intellectual power of these black femme voices in the sexuality, intimacy, and sexual health space, and please don’t let this be your final destination. Keep searching, keep educating, keep supporting. 

  1. Shan Boodram (ps. this lady is the reason I transitioned from sex-positive journalist to sex educator in the first place! She is fire!)

Insta Handle: @shanboody

Insta Bio: Certified intimacy educator who teaches ppl to be more competent & confident, kinda like Dr Ruth meets Rihanna💃🏽

  1. Gwen Butler 

Insta Handle: @talksexwithgwen

Insta Bio: Certified Sex Therapist & Author of the book INDULGE: 25 Indulgences to Unlock your Sensual Self, Explore your Erotic Nature.

  1. Ev’Yan Whitney

Insta Handle: @evyan.whitney

Insta Bio: sexuality doula® + sex educator, host @sexuallyliberatedwoman, creator #sensualselfiechallenge

  1. Shamyra

Insta Handle: @sexologistshamyra

Insta Bio: Intern'tl Sexologist | LCSW | Sex & Relationship Therapist | #1 Dating Expert | Social Work Professor| Author #UseYourMouth Creator |#OnTheGreenCouch

  1. Kiaundra Jackson

Insta Handle: @kiaundrajackson

Insta Bio: Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Resident Therapist on OWN's TV show, Love Goals, TV Personality, Award-Winning Speaker, Bestselling Author

  1. Tyomi

Insta Handle: @realglamazontyomi 

Insta Bio: Founder of S.e.x. Ed Blog / Youtube Sexologist, International Pleasure Coach/ Tantrica/ Producer/Sexual Media Maven

  1. Afro Sexology

Inst Handle: @afrosexology

Insta Bio: We create spaces online and in real life for Black people to openly discuss sexual exploration and liberation.

  1. Dr Nita Landry

Insta Handle: @drnitalandry

Insta Bio: Board Certified OB/GYN | Co-host of the Emmy Award Winning TV Show, “The Doctors” | Educating & Uplifting Teens and Women Around The World

  1. Jimanekia

Insta Handle: @jimanekia

Insta Bio: Queer, Sex Educator, Trauma Specialist, Consultant/healer, Wrestling Fan, Pronouns: She/Her

  1. Dr Nadine Thornhill

Insta Handle: @nadinethornhill

Insta Bio: (She/Her), Sex Educator, Speaker, Co-host of @evrybodycurious

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