Instagram censorship of artists.

Nov 20, 2020
Written by
Faye Kent
Photographed by
Art By: Faye Kent

e all know that Instagram has a nudity problem. A big nudity problem that encompasses a massive number of issues. Just recently one of these hit the press in a big way as it was found Instagram was censoring large black bodies far more often than white. A computer program written without feeling, without knowledge of others, dictates what we can and can’t post, what part of us is acceptable for the Internet to see, what businesses can survive and thrive.

But yet, on the other side, men are sending dick pics into our DMs. Two weeks ago, at the height of Instagram policy change that was fighting for more acceptance of women bodies, a man sent 3 pictures of his penis into my DMs and it wasn’t even censored. I wasn’t even warned about the content.

The following day I was denied being able to pay to promote my art work of normal female bodies due to excessive nudity. On the other hand, promoting images containing male statues penises are totally fine. I am not even allowed to promote artwork where a hand is over the breasts, even that is seen as excess nudity.

The gender balance on Instagram is out of whack. Women’s and men’s bodies are not treated the same. My business, and many other creators businesses that are based around the female form are under threat. Even candles. Candles of the female body are seen as excessive nudity… We need change, for art, for women and for this platform.

Beautifully drawn image of Janelle Veronica by Faye Kent

Shot By Karlo Gomez
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