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Sep 19, 2021
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Here's a short interview with Sue McKenna the Founder of Happy Breast Balm.

We discover how to take ownership of the health of our breasts with Sue Mckenna, founder of Happy Breast Balm and the Ultimate Breast Care Routine.

Q: What inspired you to create Happy Breast Balm and the Ultimate Breast Care Routine?

A: Having to deal with my own breast health issues! I realised, while looking for ways to heal and care for my breasts, that there are hardly any products or protocols for breast health.. No shelves in the health shops, no section in health catalogues, no Breast Health practitioners, in fact, most massage therapists do not go near the breasts! Which is quite mad when you realise breasts are quite the centre for the lymphatic system and are imbued with many lymph and blood vessels. Not to mention the hormonal and emotional aspects!

I began to research, to see what I could do to help heal my breasts. The first thing I discovered is that, according to many statistics, 70% of women experience breast health issues at some stage during their lives.. From the swelling and discomfort of PMT, to cysts and fibrocystic breast tissue, menopausal issues, lumps, bumps and of course the dreaded breast cancer. You would think that there would be at least as many products and protocols for our breasts as there are for 'dry skin' or 'leg hair removal'!

I also discovered 3 really important, simple, age old practices that anyone can do, which can really support the health of our breasts, and our overall health.. Dry skin brushing, massage, and the power of positive, self loving affirmation.

Q: What are the most beneficial breast care practices for women? And what are the best ways to integrate these practices into a self-care routine?

A: Of all the things we’re told about our bodies, our Lymphatic System is barely ever mentioned, but it is one of the most important and biggest systems that keeping us going! The fluid in the lymphatic system removes wastes and toxins from the bodily tissues and brings nutrients, oxygen, immune enhancing cells and other goodies to replenish our cells. While the heart continuously pumps blood through the blood vessels, the lymphatic system relies on the movement of smooth muscles to transport fluid through the lymph vessels. Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system and improves circulation of lymphatic fluid throughout the body which may help improve a variety of health concerns.

Massage, self touch, need we say more. If any part of us ever hurts, or feels uncomfortable, the first thing we do is lay our hands on that area. Or, if a loved one is suffering discomfort, we lay our hands upon them.. We all hold the power of intentional healing in our hands. Regular massage can help keep us in good order! So regular breast massage has many benefits. If your breasts ever feel achy, or sore, or heavy, or you are dealing with any breast issues, of course we want to spend a couple of minutes, laying our hands upon them, applying healing balms and loving thoughts. Our breasts are nurturers, they need to be nurtured too! Where good attention goes, good energy will surely flow!

Self talk, we need to keep an eye on that! Sometimes we have 'not so healthy thoughts' right? That is why we include a Massage Mantra! To remind you how blessed you are for this gift of life, your health and wellbeing. The power of our thoughts are an incredible asset! You are what you think! So think who you are, who you most aspire to be. Also a lot of women have fear and taboos around breasts, they think they are too big, too small, too saggy, some women feel uncomfortable touching their own breasts! Hey all breasts are perfect just the way they are! Develop a loving relationship with your breasts! Learn to love and honour them!

Q: Please share a bit of information about the “Ultimate Breast Care Routine”.

A: Happy Breast Balm and the Ultimate Breast Care Routine are designed to inspire and encourage women to get in touch with their breasts, to take the health of their breasts into their own hands. By spending a couple of minutes regularly dry skin brushing, massaging with the balm and affirming wellbeing, you can:

*Stimulate the lymphatic system to clear and detox the many lymph vessels within your breast tissue.

*Massage your breasts to improve blood flow and nourish them with the Balm.

*Really get to know and love your breasts, where attention goes, energy flows.

*Affirm daily your health, well-being and gratitude for life.

‍You can see the step by step guidelines above or on our website.

Q: What are your environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices?

A: We source as local and as organic as possible. We use Australian organic hemp seed oil, Australian Amazing Oils magnesium oil, we love our therapeutic grade essential oils. We minimise plastic in our packaging and mailing systems and are always on the lookout for more sustainable and ecofriendly ways to operate. 

Q: Which product from the Happy Breast Balm range would you most recommend to readers of Sunday Morning View?

A: The Breast Care Kit. Unless you already have a good dry skin brush. Then you will only need the Balm. If you are looking for a gift for any of your women friends or family, the Kit is a stunning gift!

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