stā BODY: Created out of necessity ** Designed with every woman in mind

Oct 13, 2020
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Karlo Gomez
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reated out of necessity ** Designed with every woman in mind. Say hello to stā BODY.

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A female owned and run business, owner Stefanie says, "Being in the world of and a lover of fashion, I found that I couldn’t wear a good portion of it. I wasn’t comfortable doing so with all of the sheer, short, flowy, CUUUUTE stuff out there. I needed something underneath it all. Just a little something to smooth and secure things.
Regular tank tops rolled up and annoyingly untucked and didn’t provide immovable coverage. Traditional bodysuits rode up and were less than comfy. Not to mention shapewear I found to just squish my skin into shapes that we won’t even speak about!

When traditional tanks and bodysuits failed to solve my problem, I dreamt up and sewed the first stā BODY suit in my apartment. Ahhhh!!!!!!! Sweet freedom! And yes, I did the wave all by myself with NO FEAR!

When you find something great, you want to share it with your girlfriends, RIGHT?

I knew that not all of us need the confinement of serious shapewear on a daily basis. The stā BODY suit is for our everyday outfits from a casual jeans and tee combo all the way to a fierce business suit to take on the world.

Regardless of our shape, we all want to feel great in our clothes. My mission is to help all of us love our shape as it is, but to create a garment that also adds confidence to your wardrobe.

Feel good, be completely comfortable and look fantastic! Like a hug from a best friend, from me to you."

BUY NOW - FIRST LOVE - Nude$ 52.00

Sophie says, "I want to scream with happiness every time I put it on myself (plus I do a little booty wiggle) 🙊 because I feel so... ME! It has a built-in thong (scuseeee me whaaaaaaat 🤤) for maximum convenience which creates less underwear lines!! Wear this piece with whatever you choose and make sure you do not compromise your happiness for your clothing! Your clothing should make you feel like a GODDESS and nothing less ✨

Show up for yourself, love yourself and respect yourself. It’s the best thing you’ll ever do."

BUY NOW - FIRST LOVE - Nude$ 52.00

Model: @sophthickfitness

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