What are Hip Dips?

Nov 25, 2020
Written by
Laura Desiree
Photographed by
Laura Desiree

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These are the first few articles that come up when you search « Hip Dips » on google. 

So, what’s the big deal? What are hip dips?

photo by: Laura Desiree
photo by: Unkown

We call a hip dip the dip, or inward curve, situated just below the hip bone and above the thighs. The position and shape of your pelvis may or may not create this indentation. 

This part of our body is also not a matter of weight or size. If someone has hip dips, they will most likely always have hip dips no matter their weight.

Hip dips are not abnormal or deformed hips, they are actually fairly common and a natural occurrence.

However, we have been conditioned our whole lives to think that they are not normal, even undesirable. Diet culture has done this by never showing that body type in the media, movies, tv shows, magazines or billboards. 

When I was a teen, the only times hip dips were mentioned were in articles on how to get rid of them. Other times, it was a school or in my dance classes when kids made fun of me. 

As a result, I grew up hating my body. I looked for ways to hide my hips dips behind baggy clothes. I was scared to wear a bikini on the beach. I made countless appointments with “specialists” to try to remove them. Spoiler alert: It never worked because hip dips are a natural part of your physiology and no amount of lotions or work-outs can remove them. 

Then in my 20’s, the “hourglass” shape, or the Kim Kardashian hips, became a trend. It was important to be “proportionate”. Again, hip dips would be considered an abnormality. 

And all this time, I never knew that many girls had the same body as me because we were all trying to hide, as we all thought we had an abnormal body type. 

One day I finally decided that it was time to stop hiding. I was 25, I was sitting on the couch, feeling upset after comparing myself to way too many Instagram models. And suddenly it came to my head: “What am I doing? This is the body I have and will always have. I might as well love it and work with it because we’re together until the end.” I realized that I had to accept my body as it was. I didn’t have a choice because not accepting it only made me feel miserable.

That day, I promised myself I would never try to hide or feel ashamed of my body again. 

Today, I want you to make that promise to yourself. 

Why? Because you deserve it. Just like I deserve it. You deserve to feel free in your body because it is wonderful just as it, because it carries you through life, because it carries your story. Hip dips are normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

Life is a lot more fun if you wear the cute fitted dress you saw online, or wear the biker shorts with a tank top on a warm day. It feels free and empowering to wear a bikini on the beach and do a happy dance. So, flaunt them, show diet culture that we’re here and that we won’t hide anymore! 

You deserve it.

Laura Desiree