Why Lizzo Makes Me Feel Uncomfortable

May 18, 2020
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Rhe-Ann Prescod
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love Lizzo but she makes me feel a bit uncomfortable at times. And before you ask why just let me finish.

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You see, I have been a fan of Lizzo since I stumbled upon a video of Yara Shahidi dancing to “Truth Hurts” in 2017. I didn’t know the song then so I just typed every single word I remembered from the video into YouTube’s search bar until I found the song. When I finally did, I played that song every single day because those lyrics spoke to my 2017 single bitter ass. Three years later and I’m still single but less bitter so progress.

Anyway, from then I have been a Lizzo fan so when everyone started to ride the Lizzo wave in 2019 I was like FINALLYYYYY! It’s about time people started to see the amazing talented individual that she is. But as we know, with increased popularity and increased fame always comes a shitload of criticism even from fans like me.

Though I have known about Lizzo since 2017, I didn’t follow her on Instagram until like 2019 so her type of content was new to me. I personally never followed anyone of her size who is so comfortable with every inch, curve and flaw. I was stunned because I’m not confident enough to post half the things she does.

One night I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw a picture of Lizzo posing off in a sexy stringy bikini so I sent it to my best friend telling her it made me feel uncomfortable. Her exact reply was “I think that’s why she does it. Her body shouldn’t make us feel that way. Society has done that to us”.

So then I had to check myself and really think about her words and why I felt that way.

I think it’s because she doesn’t have the societal depiction of a “perfect” or “sexy” body. When I looked at her the first thing I thought was she looks unhealthy. But then when I started to think why is my brain programmed to equate Lizzo to unhealthy. I mean I don’t know her diet, I don’t know her fitness schedule so what gives me the right to say so. Especially, when my hypocritical ass was in awed at how much energy and stamina she had in her 2020 Grammy performance.

Do I think this way because of the notions of society? Probably.

I shouldn’t feel uncomfortable because someone is confident and happy within themselves to post a picture in a sexy bikini. But I do and I think it’s because I have this preconceived concept of an appropriately “postable” body and that is just kind of f**cked up. It’s like I preach about self-love but only accept self- love in certain doses. And that ain’t it! Especially in 2020.

Everything Lizzo posts I may not agree with but her level of confidence, realness and unapologetic attitude is something we can all learn from.

We should never let someone’s confidence and self-love make us feel uncomfortable! That has more to do with us than them. We are supposed to be lifting up people when we can, not judging and berating them, especially us women. So, I had to check myself quite fast and I hope anyone who feels this way does to.

~ Rhe-Ann Prescod [ @rhe_xd ]

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