Why You Should Shop at Boutiques

Nov 11, 2019
Written by
Kaitlyn Backe
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ith popular malls and department stores beginning to close I cannot help but wonder if I should be supporting the online shopping that is causing this. Surprisingly boutiques are on the rise despite being less popular than major stores such as Kohls or Macys.

Boutiques seems to be becoming more popular due to their ability to stay up to date with the hottest trends and take advantage of social media. Benefits of a boutique include unique items, you are usually supporting a smaller business, and you become a trendsetter by staying up to date with the newest fashion fads.

With benefits come disadvantages as well. The sizes are usually off, they do not have as many perks such as free shipping returns like larger companies, and their prices are usually quite a bit higher. The best boutiques are quant personally owned ones you would find in a downtown area but the main ones on the rise today are online boutiques. The rules for shopping online boutiques are the same as all other online shopping, check reviews for quality and make sure it is a legit company!