You Putting It On Right?

May 22, 2020
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Talya Feldman-Lloyd
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know, I know - it’s been years since you first started having sex and using condoms, but have you ever wondered if you’re actually putting on condoms correctly?

Let’s go over some basic steps to using a condom that are often seriously overlooked. 


The first step to putting on a condom is simple. It involves checking the expiration date on the back of the condom. Condoms can last a while, but not forever. An expired condom can lose its effectiveness. 

The second step happens with inspection of the condom while it’s still in the wrapper. This step is pretty important to making sure that the condoms integrity is still in tact and that there are no minor rips or tears in the wrapper of the condom.

Third you want to carefully open the condom wrapper, making sure not to rip the actual condom. Don’t use your teeth or scissors, as there’s more of a chance you’ll rip the wrong spot. 

For the fourth step, you want to make sure the condom is facing the right way before putting it on the penis - the rim should be on the outside so the condom looks like a top hat and so that it rolls down easily.

Fifth - Once the condom is facing the right way, start to put the condom on the top of the penis. Do this by pinching the tip of the condom in order to remove air (so it doesn’t pop), and leave space for the ejaculation fluid.

Sixth - once on the tip, start to gently roll the condom down the shaft of the penis all the way to the base. If the condom is facing the right way, it will unroll easily. Note: if you put the condom on the wrong way at first, do not simply take it off, flip it inside out, and reuse it. Throw that one away and get a brand new condom, as that one could easily have been compromised. 

Seven - feel free to use a water-based or silicone lube on the top of the condom once it’s been applied, for added pleasure and the additional benefit of helping prevent the condom from breaking. 

Eight - have amazing sex and enjoy!

Nine - once your ejaculate, hold the rim of the condom (by the base of your penis) and pull out from your partner. This prevents the condom from sliding off inside your partner and leaking fluid.

Ten - lastly, wrap up the used condom in tissues and place it in the garbage. Note: do not flush it down the toilet, as it can cause pipes too clog.

Reminder: condoms are to be used once and only once. Never reuse a condom. Once it’s been opened, applied, and used, throw it out and use another one when needed. If you are having vaginal sex and switch to anal (or vice versa), once again, use a new condom. 

So after reviewing these steps, have you been applying condoms the safe way, or do you skip a step here and there?

I know a lot of people don’t like using condoms because it ruins your hard on or makes you less sensitive to pleasure, but the answer is not to avoid using condoms. It’s to find a condom that works for you.

Did you know that there are so many different types of condoms available, aside from those sold at the drug store? 

There are latex, non-latex, polyurethane, polyisoprene, glow-in-the-dark, female condoms, lubricated, flavored, ribbed, warming and cooling condoms, ultra-thin, lambskin condoms, and more.

Though I have never used lambskin condoms, I hear great things about them and that they feel the closest to not wearing a condom. If you’re feeling experimental, give them a shot!

Until next time, babes!


- Talya  [ @talking.with.talya ]

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