3 short reasons to love your freckles

Apr 29, 2020
Written by
Karlo Gomez
Photographed by
Cover image: HARIS NUKEM

f you were to search freckles, you would get a search result of how to get rid of them or hide them with makeup. But why would you want to do that? If you are blessed enough to have them, why would you want to hide them?

Hopefully we can help you love these beautiful stars ✨ you have.


You are unique

Not too many people have freckles and as such this separates you from the vast majority of people. Everyone is unique in their own way but you are the Unicorn of unique.


A pinch of melanin

If you have that fair skin going on, this is your touch of melanin that sparkles especially during the summer. After sun exposure, the ultraviolet radiation triggers the skin’s melanocytes to make more melanin hence developing those beautiful stars on your face.

Freckles are beautiful

Yes! Freckles are beautiful! And if you have some, own them and flaunt them! Let the world be inspired by your stellar beauty.

Everyone has something that is vibrantly unique, so why not let your STARS SHINE 🌟

Cover Image Model: Polly Ellens - @pollyellens

Cover Image Photo By: HARIS NUKEM - @harisnukem

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