7 reasons you should embrace your stretch marks

Sep 3, 2020
Written by
Bella Davis
Photographed by
Bella Davis

tretch marks tell a beautiful story about  your body that is extremely unique to you! ⁣stretch marks show that our bodies are cable of surviving incredible change.

Here are 7 reasons you should embrace and love your stretch marks! ⁣

⁣1: Everyone has them! ⁣No matter your weight, height, size or body shape everyone has stretch marks!
2: They are incredibly cute!

3: Our bodies are suppose to change and the changes our bodies go through are incredible! From puberty, to rapid growth when muscles grow, to pregnancy! The female body is something to be celebrated as it is truly incredible!
4: They come in a range of different colours and sizes! ⁣
5: Each stretch mark is unique to you! ⁣
6. Gaining weight isn’t anything to be ashamed off. Gaining weight doesn’t make you any less beautiful or worthy than you are. Your weight does not define you!
7. They are an artwork of your body! No bodies stretch marks look the same and therefore they are your own personal, unique artwork! Your body is a beautiful canvas and every stretch mark is a work of art!

Stretch marks are normal, natural and beautiful! They deserve to be celebrated and embraced! Stretch marks are a daily reminder that our bodies are incredible and capable of some really cool things! Give your stretch marks some extra loving today! They deserve it!


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