Cellulite! If you got it, Rock it!

Jul 22, 2020
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“You weren’t born with insecurities, they were GIVEN to you!

Cellulite is genuinely something over 90% of women have, women of all different shapes, sizes and weights!

As long as we have insecurities, someone, somewhere, will be profiting from them. Every year women spend MILLIONS on anti-cellulite treatments despite the glaring lack of evidence that these things work.

The word cellulite was invented in France in the late 19th century. By the 1960s, the beauty industry CAPITALIZED on this word and the fact women were becoming more independent through having their own incomes.

Cellulite scrubs, creams, lotions etc, were mass produced promising a ‘fix’ for this new ‘problem’ area that no one had ever been insecure about before.

Not only have our insecurities been given to us, society has been dictating our ‘problem’ areas for PROFIT. When there is a name for something, suddenly theres something to change, and money can unfortunately be made.

Cellulite isn’t bad, it isn’t a signifier for being over weight or being unhealthy, it is literally IN YOUR GENES.

The majority of women in your life who you love and admire have it too. It doesn’t change how you feel about them? So stop letting it dictate how you feel about YOU and how happy you’re allowed to feel in that beautiful body!

Confronting your insecurities head on can not only eliminate the power they have over you, but it allows you to see them for what they are.


When we are ashamed of our insecurities and try to hide them, they are given a false sense of power. They can control us consciously and subconsciously during our every day lives.

It saddens me to think of all the moments I wasn’t fully present because my mind was consumed by the appearance of my cellulite. Some of my most treasured memories are tainted by insecurities that have been handed to me for financial gain.

I refuse to let society dictate the confidence I am allowed to have in my body. I refuse to let societal ideals restrict the clothes I am allowed to wear. And I refuse to waste anymore moments in my life consumed by an insecurity that was created by someone else.

My body is still worthy.

My body is still healthy and strong.

My body is still deserving of love.

Never forget you are an absolute QUEEN with or without it, and you DESERVE to feel every inch of sun on those gorgeous legs of yours!

Self Portrait Of Georgina


~ Georgina. [ @georginacoxpersonaltraining ]

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