Dear Body By: Grace Storm

Apr 6, 2020
Written by
Grace Storm
Photographed by
Cover Photo: LeHydroP

ear Body

Photo By: @mybodycountssa

I often wondered if the guy who said I should start a band and call it "The Cellulites" has made it in life.
I often wondered what I could have loved sooner about you if he never said that to me.
I often wondered how many parts of you I ignored while listening to society.
I often wondered if you will ever only be defined by me.
I often wondered why my acceptance of you bothers people so much.
I often wonder how much time I lost while trying to fix something that was never broken.
I often wondered if you know you are beautiful - and that you don't need anyone to remind you of it.

But I will show you. I will show you how much I love the stretch marks that hug my skin.
The bumps that remind me I’m human.
All of these dimples and marks show me that you are strong, resilient and beautiful beyond measure.

Every line, stretch, bump and hump tells your story - and I love reading it daily.
I will own this story because it’s mine. You are mine and I have learnt how to embrace you for everything that you are.
For the longest time, all I had to do was look at myself with the kind of love I want to feel, that is when I started to fully appreciate you, my body, for the very thing that you are - Complete.

To the guy who said I should call my band The Cellulites, I’ve reserved you a front row seat to the show.


~ Signed

Grace Storm - @iamgracestorm

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