Dear Body By: Tia May Ward

Mar 16, 2020
Written by
Tia May Ward
Photographed by
Tia May Ward

ear Body,

Perfect imperfections💋
Stretch marks, cellulite and scars are such a strange/ beautiful thing. I had them at a size 6 and have them just the same now at a size 12. I was constantly being told how skinny I was that when I once in a blue moon got told I was ‘fat’ my face would light up. I use to battle with myself in the mirror every day whilst eating 6 big meals and 3 protein shakes a day nearly making myself sick in the hope that i’d achieve the body I desired. My body will take itself to its own limits and without me further trying to be that ‘healthy plus sized model’, I’ve finally accepted what my body will endure.

"The only approval I want and need is my OWN."

The weight didn’t come on till I stopped trying; it came naturally when I come to terms that I am who I am and not what people want me to be. I remember calling my parents up crying with happiness every time a few more pounds was shown on the scales. However I don’t look for people’s approval of how I naturally look anymore, I can’t change it and I won’t. The only approval I want and need is my OWN. Learn to love your body as it’s the only one you’ll have👣

~ Tia


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