Dear Curves By: Kailey Lewis

Apr 1, 2020
Written by
Kailey Lewis
Photographed by
Emily Moran

ear curves,

From the bottom of my heart I am sincerely sorry for the years of hiding you, sucking you in, feeling ashamed of you and resenting you.

Those days are over ~ I assure you.

I may not be perfect everyday at giving you all the love and appreciation you deserve, but I will always try my best.

This time last year, there’s no way I would of jumped in front of a camera naked without having control of the “right” angles, and postures, and lightings, and suck in’s.

And definitely no way in hell would I post one of my biggest physical insecurities, my belly!

It’s so disheartening as woman we grow up with all this pressure of being “perfect” and “the ideal body shape” when really all along we are fucking PERFECT with what we already have!

I really can see a revolution beginning.

A “I look fuckin fire and I don’t care what you think” kinda revolution haha, and I love it!

We’re transforming and growing as a community.

Each and everyday is a self love practice to be kind to our bodies. To accept and embrace these vessels we are blessed enough to be given, and that carry us through life..

My ultimate goal is to be at peace with myself, eliminate toxic feelings, elements and energies from my life. To unlearn negative and harmful practices and thought patterns. Create a space for myself and for others to feel safe to be our truest selves, and embrace that!

We’re all deserving of a better mindset and life. ~ who's with me?

I’ve made the decision to look at my curves and my whole self in a different light. I see a strong, beautiful, worthy and SEXY woman now. I adore my extra thick legs, the little bumps I get from shaving, my stripes which represent growth and my extra indulgent stomach.

I love it all.

It’s me.

So dear curves, YOU ARE AMAZING!

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