Dear Curves By: Mariah Sexton

Apr 23, 2020
Written by
Mariah Sexton
Photographed by
Cover Photo: Athleta

ear curves,

We weren’t always that cool. I used to hate the way I was shaped- nothing fit right, I always got made fun of for my butt being so big, and I thought my legs were disgusting with all the cellulite. Now I wouldn’t change how I looked for anything in the world. (except to be healthier of course) Meaning if I tone up, great, if I maintain, great - but I always want to be healthy, physically and mentally! 

You and I now have such a strong relationship that I am more confident than ever. I used to not want to wear shorts, or any colorful tights because you, cellulite, might show but now I will wear whatever and proudly!

I apologize for ever being ashamed of you and myself for looks, I now see that that is so silly, we as women are so hard on ourselves and each other and it’s so unfortunate. We should just work on being a healthy version of ourselves and keep it moving. 

I lost 70 pounds and still had cellulite, and my butt will always be huge, and I will embrace it all more than I ever have! I am proud of the way I look, I have cellulite and abs and I hope to spread the message to everyone who has any cellulite or stretch marks that it’s okay and you are beautiful. 

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