Dear Future Self: Marva Kasim

Mar 30, 2020
Written by
Marva Kasim
Photographed by
Marva Kasim

rom: A wounded heart.
To:  Superficial beauty

Dear Future self,

What defines beauty? For years society has governed what can be perceived as beautiful. But I say no more. Why do we put Filter on everything? Is it because you don’t believe in yourself? Beauty pageants and all those celebrities make every person think that they are not good enough. We cover our scars, dark circles and pimples, but who are we hiding it from? Ourselves? But that is who we are. Your scars, your imperfections, your tanned skin and your not so prominent jawline defines you. This is who we really are. Come out of your shell and don’t be afraid to show the world the real YOU.

If we dont love ourselves for who we are how can we expect someone else to? In a world with a population of over 7 billion peoples we should strive to be unique, make our mark by showing society that we will not let it dictate what we wear and how we dress. Which brings me to a very controversial topic. Make up.

Gone are the days where make up was only used by women.  It is now looked at as a tool that enhances ones physical features and hides flaws. But is that what it truly is? The answer lies in perception. Should make up be banned so people can accept themselves..absolutely not. I think its perfectly normal for someone to wear make up as long as it makes them happy, if they can remove the make up at night without having a deluded belief as to how they actually look like then, it’s perfectly fine.
There are days in my life when I choose not to wear makeup, because those are the days when I am truly happy with myself. But there are also days when I like to wear makeup to stand out from the crowd and to look at myself in the mirror and smile. To all the girls out there who think that you are not beautiful, your complexion doesn’t suit you, just know that beauty lies in your heart. Beauty comes with confidence. Wear your confidence and that makes you beautiful.

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