Dieting VS Lifestyle Change

Apr 7, 2020
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Amberly Sabourin
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What’s the Difference?

For as long as I can remember, diets have been a part of our society as a way to get our bodies to a desired look after eating and drinking all of those yummy things we just can’t live without. A lifestyle change, on the other hand, is where you find a complimentary balance between all of the foods we love and the foods our body needs. There are pros and cons to both, and everyone has their own opinion and preference as to which one works for their lifestyle.


There have been more fad diets than I can count and there have been some that have stuck around for generations. The one thing about dieting is that they will always come and go into our lives just like they weight that we want to gain or lose. It is a temporary change for short term results. With a dieting mindset, once you have reaped the reward of doing the diet in the first place, we slowly begin to fall back into the eating habits we had before we went on that diet and our body shape then begins to follow suit. Plus, all the other changes gained from making that short-term change begin to return to their old ways of being. The biggest benefit to dieting is that it isn’t long-term, it is something that goes away for a period of time after we achieve that desired look and feeling. 

Lifestyle Change

When making a lifestyle change there is no “one suit fits all” look. There are many different changes that can be made to suit your body's desires. Some of us have to eliminate certain foods like dairy, gluten, soy, etc. because it is something that our bodies cannot tolerate or process. And some people get to choose to eliminate certain foods or modify the amount consumed to achieve the body image and feel that is desired.

Most importantly, this is something that becomes a consistent lifestyle change and, a new relationship with food and beverages is created to sustain that desired lifestyle. The rewards become long term and permanent. The cravings of certain foods begin to dissipate, and you discover new ways of creating and enjoying those things you know your body doesn’t love but that you do!

The biggest benefit to making a lifestyle change is that whatever look and feeling you are desiring, becomes a permanent way of being since it is being maintained consistently.

There are always going to be certain health concerns and advisories to whatever you decide is what you want to do, and it is really important that you speak with a healthcare professional before moving forward, to ensure that the choices you are making will make your body the happiest and healthiest it can be.

Most importantly, do not deprive your mind and body of certain things, make educated decisions to support your body with exactly what it needs. Give your body the love it deserves and love yourself enough to do what you know is the right thing to do.

I have experienced both diets and lifestyle changes. Diets have been the most successful when it comes to the amount of weight I have lost. And I still prefer lifestyle changes. After dieting I always tend to fall back into my old habits and put back on the weight I lost and then some, and I also experience acne, digestion issues, bloating, heartburn etc. which I would totally rather live without.

Right now, I am living in the world of what lifestyle changes will work best for me. I am inside the world of discovery and I love it. I have discovered what my body does not appreciate, I am exploring new ways to enjoy the tastes I don’t want to live without, I’m replacing my old ways with new ways, what it feels like to eliminate foods that cause me to feel lethargic afterwards. Day by day I am really starting to enjoy the way I am feeling while I let go of those foods and beverages, I really thought I couldn’t live without.

Let me know what you prefer in your life and why or just keep the conversation going with me on Instagram @ambersabourin.

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